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Two friends and me - I'm really confused

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Relationship advice For first I want to apologize for my english.

So,everything started when I came study to the university and I met a boy /John / who was at same class with me. I knew we will become good friends
because we had same opinions, taste in the music etc. I was working in coffeteria and he came there once little drunk with his friend /Bob/. Bob had
something I really liked and we were speaking there for few hours. After that me and Bob had so many conversations on chat a we wanted to meet and everything.
We were outside for 6 times and almost everytime something happened. Mostly we were just kissing and had great conversation. He wanted me, I know it because he was planning
some activities and everything in the future. And when I was at school, John was really weird and at time when I was dating Bob, he almost doesn't talk to me. /Bob and John are great friends /
This all happened from september. Before almost two weeks Bob stoped write me or answer me on my messages and I can say that he ignore me. It really hurts, that he is acting like that. John at school is now so much more normál now or maybe I can say he is really nice to me.
Yesterday we had a school party. John and I were helping there and Bob was there with his band and Bob ignores me all night. In the morning we had to close a club and I was really drunk and I wanted go to some afterparty. Johnn invites me for few times so I said okay but I didn't know that this afterparty will be in the Bobs house. Everything was fine, everybody had fun,
but when I started listening conversations of another people I felt so bad. I heard just a few sentences from different conversations but here it is: he wants her but she wants Bob........bitch. .....they can share her. Then I decited to go home alone because I felt really bad there and when I ask Then where I can find bus stop, they thought I'm just joking because they thought I had a sex with him few times in his house. When they finally told me how can I find a bus I rolled one cigarret and said everybody good night. Everybody looks like it's normál that I go away and I felt like piece of shit.
Now I don't know what to think or what to do. I just crush on Bob and I really want to know why he ignore me now. I want to know if everything was real or it was just his game. I really trust just
to few people and I feel so stupid now.

Two friends and me - I'm really confused

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Your friend John was feeling jealousy because you were dating Bob. At the after party Bob probably saw you walk in with John and he probably got jealousy of you and John. I would ask Bob directly why was he ignoring you? Call or Text him if he does not reply-MOVE ON from Bob.

Regarding John- he may be "crushing on you" and since John and Bob are friends- Both may be "playing you" -Maybe John and Bob have a understanding the Bob will back off in order to give his friend John a chance with you.

You say "everybody looks like it normal that I go away and I felt like a piece of shit" Were you hoping that John or Bob would have asked you to stay? It was best that you left.

I think the after party was somewhat a set up, John truly knew the party was at Bob house. It's not safe to be really drunk and having no idea where you're going, having to take a bus late at night. I hope someone walked you to the bus stop.

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