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Do I have an eating disorder?

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Health advice I'm 21 years and after graduating from university in the summer, I am now enrolled in a part time masters degree, and working along side it. I've moved back home with my parents and have found it hard adjusting to strict meal times and rules (family dinners on Saturdays and Sunday's).

I eat 600/700 calories on a Monday and Tuesday, as well as work out, and then alter my calorie in take to less than 1200 a day from Wednesday to Friday (as well as exercise). This means that on a Saturday and Sunday I end up bingeing on sugar and anything I can get my hands on. It has become so problematic that I will stop myself from going out with friends out of fear I won't be able to control what I eat, or because I would rather stay home and binge instead.

I'm terrified of gaining weight- for 5ft9 I am 63kg which is normal weight, however I'd like to be 2kg lighter, and after every binge, I have to continue the process again because other wise I will gain!

This is causing huge problems with my family whom are worried, and my friends who are starting to fail to invite me to social events- not to mention myself, as I'm worried I'm going to develop diabetes and cannot cope with the psychological effects it is having on my body.

Do I have an eating disorder, and how can I put an end to this awful cycle in order to be normal again?

A very concerned 21 year old.

Do I have an eating disorder?

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I am only 16 but I've grown up with bigger friends who've had the same problem, but don't let any of that reduce the insight I'm going to present. I dont think you have a disorder but a mind set. You want to lose weight, yes? Well you obviously have been doing this when you were in the University so adjusting to something like a new environment (Like your parents house) will take time. Your mind is slowly realizing that your in better conditions because I assume your parents are helping you out. Now back to the weight loss. How much have you lost doing this? For you it must have been alot and quicker than others. Your thinking to yourself because your working around school,friends, parents, and other things in your daily life that you're pinched for time. This "dieting" is the quickest way. If you keep worrying about your weight then your letting the "dieting" control you what you eat and other aspects of your life. This way of losing weight is extremly unhealthy. If everyone is worried that means it's gotten bad. At least your aware of it, if it continues it might turn into a serious form of Anorexia. So I suggest to continue exercising and instead of starving yourself on nessisary calories make a list of things you want to be able to eat. Then spit them into the good and bad cataglory like apples are good because of their natural simple sugars and potato chips are bad because of its overly saturated with unnecessary lipids. After you do that pick 1 bad snack and eat that at after dinner as a desert 1 serving as the serving size instructs. But not after 6pm. The large amounts of junk food consumption needs to stop. That is very bad for your body and does nothing but confuse your body. Your going to get sick almost every time. Make a schedule of how many calories you eat in a day the absolute minimum must be 1300. Talk to your friends and tell them I need someone to check me. If I buy something unhealthy then check me. But don't just relay on your friends you need to be the one in control. You can do it. I hope this helps you

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