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Is she angry at me?

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I have a friend who she is married everyday at work we walk from the bus and talk and sit down together and smoke a cigarete together for four or five months.
One day I sent a sms message to her when she was at work the next day she did not talk to me on the bus is she angry at me, couple days I left free and today I decided
to go on the same bus with her the same stop we stoped at I did not go with her she came out her self she was looking around for me I went to the other stop, because I
thought she was angry at me so I did not want to make it worser. Tell me is she angry at me or in love with me I do not know I am very confused.

Thanking You

Is she angry at me?

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Was there anything in your e-mail that would have mad her angry.

Was there anything in your email that would have caused her to become upset or angry? The only way to find why she was angry is to call and ask her.

Are you asking can a person who is angry with you 'can they still be in love you the answer is yes.

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