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Extra marital affair

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there are three character - PRATEEK (ME) , DEEPA , POOJA.

In Jan 2015 my family member asked me to meet a girl DEEPA for marriage purpose. I met the girl and found her suitable and hence said yes for marriage. My training was scheduled from mid feb to mid march along with 120 other people in tamilnadu.

Everything was going well , then i saw a girl named POOJA. I talked with her, soon we become friend. With the time my liking got increased and hence i proposed her for marriage. I was not tensed about DEEPA as i was not engaged with her. Pooja didnt say anything ahter my proposal and left. Next day she told me that she got ENGAGED in january and getting married. I was shocked and hurt. She told me that her father wants her to get married and she dont love anyone and said yes for the marriage, She said nothing can be done now. She was crying, then i hugged her and kissed her on her cheek. She didn't oppose.
I asked her to give me 10 days of her life. We used to meet in midnight around 2-3 AM. We used to hug. I used to kiss her on her cheek and neck. We were falling in love.
The training got over and we got separated. She said I LOVE YOU for the first time. Our offices were 400km apart. i was getting married in april end of 2015. I said 100 times to let her family know or let me tell my family about all this. She said no and told me to get married as we dont have any future. We met in april 2015 in a hotel. we got intimated we kissed, hugged, smooched and had a intercourse of 1-2 minute. Then we stopped ourself as find it wrong. Before two days of my marriage i went to her city with bag and other stuff to run away. But she denied.....

I got married. But we could not separated after that as well. Within a week or so we met again in a hotel for two days. We were out of control. We got married in front of nobody. We had sex 3-4 times. Then we started meeting regularly, we met at least 10 time before nov 2015 and had sex for several times.

Then nov came, she got married. I was having mental trauma. I forced her to let me know her sex life. She told everything, she was almost getting raped for the sake of her marriage. We also met, we also had sex again after her marriage as well.

Now the situation is i am having sex with two lady - DEEPA and POOJA. But it hits hard on my mind when she do sex with her husband. I am suffering from headache since nov 2015. we both cries a lot now a days. We cant live without each other but doing sex without feeling is harrasment for both of us. I know we are messed up.

Please provide a solution except

I cant leave POOJA.
POOJA will not tell it to her familhy so no divorces.

Extra marital affair

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U hav to leave one, better to leave deepa !! Becoz even if u leav poja deepa is not going to leav hr hubby, this is truth!

Extra marital affair

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Deepa is married to me.........and i can t leave pooja

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