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Please encourage me

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Emotional advice I have been single for over 2 years now.

Found someone i have romantic interest in last year but did not end up together. After that i was more determined to focus on achieving my dream, my life has been extremely busy, and everyday i focus on doing something i'm passionate in.

I changed my job this year, to something of good potential but not my grand passion, but it has been tough and bringing me loads of troubling issues. I am at the extremely zero point at my career. At the same time i met someone who i thought i like, but only to discover that we are not suitable for each other. I feel dead weak after feeling happy and hopeful. I am trying to get myself back on track, it doesn't help much when even my career is at extreme downhill. There is no one i can share my problems with, i feel extremely restless at times.

I want to get myself back to the motivated state of mind. I want to be positive even when the roads are extremely dark.
I want to feel hopeful, and i really wish to meet the special someone who can truly shares happiness with.

I hope anyone can encourages me, or give me some advises.
Thank you so much in advanced.

Please encourage me

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[clicks on anglepoise]

1. What things happened in your last relationship as to finally bring it to a close, and how long did it last?

2. Why did you and your romantic interest last year not go anywhere?

3. What is your dream and for how long have you held it?

4. Changed job from what to what?

5. Tough and issue-ridden in what way?

6. Why not suitable for each other?

7. Dead weak in what way(s)?

8. Back on track how?

9. Why don't you have anyone to share problems with?

10. What's your idea of a special someone?

11. Why is the sky Blue?


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