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Boyfriend life

Can't explain where too start just that over time I understand people change, I'm loosing faith in myself and starting too doubt myself for things that are not my fault or in my control. My boyfriend has changed, not much of a boyfriend anymore.. Not sure what is really happening between us anymore, we still hang out but he's just always so rude and never showing affection. I don't know, found this website wanted to just type let it out. Feeling like shit on Christmas & alone.

Boyfriend life

I don't know what's going on but you can not doubt yourself for things that you say are not your fault and/or in your control : that's the first point from where to start to get some perspective people do change and not always in the best way because "whatever goes around comes around" : so sooner then later karma plays out - for which each of us is personally responsible regarding what concerns the individual : you can not and have not to take on you what is not yours to deal with if he is rude and showing no more affection - set limits and boundaries of what you will or will not tolerate and accept : he has to explain why it is he's acting this way - if he doesn't - you are free to get out and move on if you're not sure what's happening between the two of you anymore - start by asking yourself what's happening with you and why and decide to rectify things and if necessary the whole situation so that you at least can know where you stand

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