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Understanding wifes phone talk

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Relationship advice I am married. everything was going good.
but last weekend my wife got call from her father to scold her and telling her that his is breaking her father daughter relationship.
The cause is :
two weeks ago my wife got a call from unknown no. But she disconnected it and dialed the unknown number from home's landline.
At he other end the person was her old self proclaimed boy friend who notoriously tried to suicide after she simply refused his proposal.
She continued the talk. In the flow she told him that my hubby will be out of city after 1 week for a day so u can visit. This whole coversation was getting recorded at the other end (doubtfully) (so called bf's end). but then his wife and her mother came to our father in laws home and quarreled with my wifes parents accusing that my wife is poisoning their married life.

Now i am in a fix that how did that conversation got caught by his wife and parents.
Second What my wife was thinking when she taught him to come at come.

Mainly If i did not ask her waht happened in her father and her i would not have any idea what could have happened behind my back if he mate my wife alone in home.

How should I behave and think about my wife?

Please Help me.

Understanding wifes phone talk

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I imagine if his wife, with her mother's help, is somehow taping all incoming and outward calls then it's an indication of how he's been trying to start an affair with whichever female will accept his advances from his 'little black book' - something they've suspected but been unable, until now, to prove. So now it appears to them that your wife is the other-woman-to-be.

Is she one of the complicits or a victim? Would she dare tell him to basically eff-off, rather than grant him an audience (humour him), given that her prior rejection attempt put her in the way of feeling responsible for whether he lived or died?

Is your wife quite naive and prone to getting taken advantage of, usually? Does the fact she was willing to tell you all about it, when asked, and when it's doubtful her father would have, not stand in testimony of her innocence?

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