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My ex

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on Dec 28 2015 at 01:54
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Relationship advice Okay,so i really don't know how to start but I met this girl on Facebook ,I had already known from a class I was in and I would talk to her friend but just to ask for Skool things .i thought that she was really cool she seemed cool so I added her on Facebook and I was like hey and she replied ,the main reason why I messaged her was because she seemed sad over this guy not liking her so I was like aww and tried to make her feel better, days went by or months I'm not sure we started dating ,like yeah first I had feelings for her I would think bout her allot but I remember that we started dating to young I wa Only 14 and plus we rushed things.I would see her,she would come see me ,we would talk on the Phone at nights and this one night she told me she loved me ,I was happy because I thought I did to I just didn't told her right away .so yeah ,we would see each other until things started getting kinda out of the zone...I guess cuz I started with an ilmess that I have and I would tell her things ,she would tell me things I don't really remember what it was that we told each other all I know is that they were hurtful but anyways idk if it was cuz of that why I ended up on the hospital or why I started getting sick not like sick like a cough ,I'm talking bout an illness .so yeah ,after that things weren't the same....we also had this problem that " my friend ' told me she was kissing another girl in Skool and I got all crazy and told my ex if it was true...we saw each other in person to talk bout it, This friend of hers would help us to but with time she stopped....we would basically just go thru allot of things .we were on and off all the time like yes at first we did last but I had known her for about 4 years .i was crazy in love with her,but we were on and off because she would tell me that she didn't love me ,that she did that she wasn't sure she was always like that .but this one day came where I lost feeling for her ,so she got sad and got into depression and it was just wow ,wow.but she got over it,and we got back together ( I know it's stupid) but it's because we really did care for each other and wanted to make it work.so yeah ,so I wanna say that recently I was talking bout my Ex but I left her clear that I didn't love her anymore, yeah I would say things that bothered me and idk I wanted to ask her& did asked her " do you even like me " or some like that and she said " I've been thinking abou it and I don't think I feel the same " my heart of course was completely shattered .then I had found out that she had a crush ,someone she likes .because days later she told me " oh I met this guy ,my guy crush he's blonde just what I wanted" and idk in that moment I felt ugly ,like Im not good enough .my friend Martha has contact with her ,they're friends so the girl i was dating told my friend Martha that she had met him on the basic training for the army....I Knew something was going on because I just felt her distant ...and since my Ex told me that I decided to not be friends with her cuz it would bring thoughts of the guy and I deleted her from my Facebook and right now ,I can't lie .i miss her .i Wish I could be with her ...but something tells me I need to move on because like I basically said just doesn't work out.it bugs me...SO I WANNA KNOW what i should do OR HOW DO I FORGET HER
My ex
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on Jan 2 2016 at 21:07
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Yes you need to move on. I think you saw an opening and went for it, which made you the temporary transition guy. You were more invested then she was. This is the expected behavior of young teenagers. You were always more invested in her than she was with you. Understand that when she told you "Oh I met this guy, my guy crush he's blonde justs what I wanted" was a mean bitch move on her part.

You will learn that TIME HEALS ALL, and THIS TOO SHALL PAST. Delete her from your life and look forward to your next door to open and it will.

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