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Being harassed

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Emotional advice I was seeing a therapist because I needed emotional support for everything that I was going threw. I quit drinking and the job that I had wasn't a respectful one either. I'd rather not mention what "job" I had because I don't want to be judged anymore than I have been recently. Anyway, so I reached rock bottom and managed to pull myself out of the hole I dug myself in. I'm still trying to dig my way out completely, but I'm positive that by 2017 I'll be where I need to be, if I can just keep my head up.

The issue I'm dealing with is with my therapist whom I'm no longer seeing anymore because, my primary doctor was receiving all my information that my therapist was sending him, basically everything we talked about. When I first started going they asked me if they could send stuff to my primary Doctor, I agreed because it's confidential. I got a job working in a medical facility working in the same building as my primary Doctor. I told my therapist that I thought it was awkward and that I'm going to switch doctors because I work closely with those doctors. (I'm not a nurse or a doctor) I also told my therapist where I worked so she knew that the Doctor receiving information would know who I was when getting information.

Anyway, this is where it gets weird. The office supervisor that my primary Doctor is in is constantly giving me a hard time and when things don't look a certain way she sends this other Doctor who works in another practice to harass me. They are friends, he's told me. He's really sneaky about what he says to me and will drop rude comments my way, have all that stuff you would think you're working hard huh? (In a condescending way). He's mentioned several times very suspect things, like..the were having a party for all the doctors then the next day, he's like oh man I shouldn't of had that one beer last night because I'm beat, then he's all like oh and I know you like to party! The only way he would know that I like to party is if my primary Doctor opened his big mouth and told them what my therapist sent. I don't know anyone in this town and I've never told anyone anything other than my therapist. I don't share any personal experiences with anyone because I don't trust people and for this very reason.

I get this creepy vibe from that Doctor..the one they send to harass me. He says hi to me but it's like he's playing some kind of game with me, like he gets off on knowing my past and likes to give me little hits without completely tossing his whole career down the drain. When I promoted a while back he walked up to me and asked me if I was the new supervisor. Then a few days later he tells me that he told everyone that I was nice. I'm quiet and I keep to myself I guess people see that as being arrogant. After he told me that it's like as if he was saying..well, I told them you were nice so don't mess up around me or else I'll tell them otherwise, that's how I felt. So, now when he says hi to me I'm forced to go along and act like everything's just peachy. Also, he's very condescending and like to say..oh you're working hard eh? Well, not like me because I sit on my butt all day followed by a (Creepy high pitched laugh). What he's implying when he says this is that, he thinks that I think he's lazy. I've never said that he is lazy because he sits all day. I've never said anything like that. I just agree with whatever he says or I just laugh and go along with it, but once he's gone I know he's being a condescending prick. I try to avoid him as much as possible but he likes to make sure that he runs into me while I'm working and drop his daily rude comments.

I'm really upset that I'm being harassed like this and that these doctors are spreading all my information around to other doctors. I'm very upset with myself and my therapist for sending all my info at my work place. All I wanted was some help to get threw my troubles but everything just back fired on me. I'm trying to fight threw this and not let it get to me, some days are better than others. I know that it's illegal to speak about patients records so I have that much on my side but I'm just a little fish swimming in a big shark tank. If I were to sue them say if something were to leak on to others I'm pretty sure I'll lose and be jobless. I've worked really hard to get to where I am right now and I'm at the point where if I get fired because these doctors don't want me there anymore then so be it. I'm just torn between if I should stay and continue the abuse or find another job. :(

Being harassed

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I would consider legal options before tolerating an atmosphere like that any longer.

Have you?

Being harassed

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You REALLY have not posted anything that would indicate that these Drs - who take an oath and are bound by patient confidentiality - are in collusion about your recovery from alcohol or your past life or your present work ethic. You have misinterpreted some teasing because of your own sensitivity.

I suggest that all this is in your mind, because you still suffer from guilt and shame (which is the backbone of addiction)

Do you go to AA? There, you will learn the meaning of slogans that help us get thru life, like "Live and Let Live" and "Whose problem is it?"

I suggest that you need more therapy and AA self help groups. Your recovery is still very recent.

Good luck.

Being harassed

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It's not all in my head, this doctor has been harassing me. It's hard to explain in writing and I haven't mentioned everything he's said to me. A few comments here and there. It's not guilt that's bothering me. I could care less what they think, which is why I'm still working where I'm working at now. It's the way I'm being treated and I know exactly what this guy is doing. My recovery isn't recent, I've been sober for a year now. I'm being harassed..teasing is a form of harassment. And yes, I've thought of legal action but it's hard to prove plus I can't afford a lawyer. I'm probably going to find another job so I don't have to put up with being TEASED also known as harassment anymore.

Being harassed

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Just so we're clear, I wasn't suggesting legal action per say or that you use it in order to threaten anyone.just have you considered it. Most likely your job will be gone and they have way more funding than a lone individual to string out a legal battle. I'm not talking Sue em.I guess I meant more like disciplinary action.

I am interested in what your old job was. I don't judge....even though the truth is that someone will always judge you. I understand if you won't say but I wanted to ask at least once if you wouldn't mind telling what it was only to get a clearer picture of where your coming from. Congrats for improving yourself and your situation.

The situation of your therapist, your primary doctor, and your personal information is difficult one. I don't see a breach of ethics in that by itself accept that you work there which is entirely on you. Going in you knew the score though I'm confident that you didn't believe the work environment would develop as it has.If for any reason the work environment is unacceptable or inappropriate, it would be the facilities responsibility to address the situation as well as the conduct of those involved.....though it makes sense if you feel uneasy attracting more attention to an already sensitive situation.

I personally choose a very specific crowd to share my inner workings with. Some that I have shared my life with were good people but later, they would take what I shared and harrased me with it. I suspect that, to them, harrassing me is them showing me they like me. However, me being who I am, I didn't tell them something so I could be harrased later. I don't want to laugh about it, I don't want to be given a hard time over it, I don't even want it brought up. It makes me uncomfortable, humiliated, and regretful that even I told them....and these are friends I've told. I can imagine how unnerving it can feel that someone you didn't even choose to disclose your past to is taking shots at you....if that is in fact what's going on. Do any of these people know you well enough to think this kind of "ribbing" is appropriate or even welcome? Certainly a breach in ethics in the work place.

I understand not trusting people.

I understand keeping to yourself and being quite and have also been accused of being Arrogant and stuck up. You might have to get used to it or learn how to give people their first impression of who you are instead of letting them paint one of you on their own. I don't know if I agree about your feeling concerning if you screw up around this specific person that he's going to sabotage you but if that's a genuine concern of yours, then breaking out of your comfort zone and giving these people a chance to get to know the real you before anything else might be something for you to consider.

As far as this "condicending prick" as you put it goes,you don't have to like him. One thing that works for me is to feel people out via "mirroring" them. If he says something snarky to you, have something ready to serve back to him that is of the same nature.....just remember to keep your head about it. His reaction could tell you volumes. Some people are like that. If they rib you, rib them back. If they laugh or rib you a second might be the way this guy communicates or may be a way of feeling comfortable around someone he doesn't know. If he gets upset or anything least you have an idea of what kind of a person they are or what to expect from them. That being said, I can hold my own with those kind of people but I have quite jobs in the past over it because there does come a time where enough is enough.

Don't let your mind run away with you. You don't know if your information is being spread through out the work place. It's easy to think the worst about everything when things are going down hill. If this is a fact or if you have strong suspicions,... Again,this is the facilities responsibility to address the issue.

Yes teasing is harassment....anything is harassment if its not welcome. I don't think your paranoid but do feel your mind is emotionally charged already and is filling in the blanks where you lack fact.

What do you think?

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