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Friends Made Plans To Go On Vacation... Excluding Me.

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on Dec 28 2015 at 18:08
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Emotional advice I have 3 close friends in my life. My sister, and two others whom I have been very close friends with for 10 years. We all used to work together, that is how we met. We currently go out for dinner, drinks, shopping, go to concerts etc. My one friend will be turning 40 this coming March and we have (not recently) talked about going on a vacation to celebrate. So we all go to dinner a few days ago and on the drive home I rode with my other friend. She informed me that her and my other friend are going to Jamaica. Without me. All of the plans are in place and tickets have been purchased a couple months ago. They never even asked me. Not even a mention of it. When we all initially talked of the possibility of a birthday vacation we never even decided on a location. But they soon did, and decided they wouldn't ask me. Their reasoning is because I "wasn't in a very good place in my life, and probably wouldn't want to go because of personal and financial reasons." I have recently moved back into my parents house after a breakup of a 17 year relationship. I've been back there for 5 months now.

At first I wasn't mad, a little upset but there is one place I have been wanting to go and it is Jamaica. The more I think about it the more upset I get. To not even ask me or mention it to me really hurts me. Am I overreacting? I feel like I need to say something but I don't want to cause an argument. And I don't want to lose them as friends. They're all I have.

Friends made plans to go on vacation... excluding me.
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on Dec 28 2015 at 19:42
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dont worry let them go,you dont know what God has planned for you,may be God wants to preserve you,in life anything can happen,they can go there and lose their lives and you will be a living testimony.

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