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I Feel Bad About Feeling Bad...... Trivial Or Important Matter?

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on Nov 22 2010 at 21:43
Member since: 22 November 2010
S-e-x advice is it odd that i feel the want to have sex everyday with my man, or is it odd that he says no? i know everyday might be a bit much but the once every couple to few weeks im getting just doesn't seem adequate, if i ask or try i get shot down and accused of caring for nothing else and using him for sex i try not to let it become an issue but im starting to feel very unwanted and unattractive, which messes with my head as i cant work out if im being unreasonable or if im within my right to feel this way if it gets to the surface i get the same explanation of stress being the main underlying problem and that it has nothing to do with me, but it falls upon deaf ears and i cannot help but feel like if he wanted me he'd have me and it would surely help relieve the stress he claims is the issue at hand. this has been like this since only a month or two after we were together clearly still well in the "honeymoon phase" which i only dream i had, i love my man to pieces but the lack of passion and affection is clearly more of an issue than i ever would have thought i wont leave over such trivial matters but the thought of having the rest of my life battling and fighting for a 5minute "shut her up" fuck once a month seems an exhausting and unattractive prospect. im going to have to bring the subject back up as im pregnant and im only going to feel less attractive and hormonally crazy as time goes by, i don't want my pregnancy to take this to a whole other level.... also i have been in relationships before and this would have never been an issue i never before really had a sex drive in fact i never really enjoyed sex before now, with him i love it cant get enough.... so im still stuck with is it me? or is it him? or even why am i so bothered about this?
i feel bad about feeling bad...... trivial or important matter?
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on Nov 25 2010 at 01:44
Member since: 22 July 2010
Why is he so stressed out, if you mind me asking? I think there is probably more that is going on, unless he actually gives a good reason to be stressed out. I also think that he should want to be more intimate with you than he is. Just once a month is not good, because sex is one of the ways that you two communicate and connect with each other. Obviously your sex routine with him hasn't always been this way, so you need to get to the bottom of this and find out what is going on.
i feel bad about feeling bad...... trivial or important matter?
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on Jul 10 2011 at 06:28
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I found your post very interesting as I have the same issue with my wife. I get very little affection from her and it's tearing me apart.

Your situation is more unusual I think, because men are generally sex mad.

Could it be that he worries about getting (and keeping) an erection? I've had that problem in the past and found it was the worry that caused the problem.

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