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Do I wait for this man or not??

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on Nov 24 2010 at 20:21
Member since: 24 November 2010
Emotional advice I have been split from my partner of 17 years for about 6 months, we have 3 children 3,8 and 10. I met a guy on FB through a friend of a friend and we chatted on line every day for a week and got on so well. When we met the spark wasnt there as I would have liked it to be but we did go out about 5 times. After the last time I text him and said I couldnt see him again, thing is i regretted this near enough straight away and missed him like mad. I tried to tell him and he said he missed me but said it was too soon for him. He has recently split from his ex wife of 10 years and they have two kids, she cheated on him a lot and he has been through a lot with her. Thing is we got back in touch again a couple of weeks a go on fb and I asked him if he wanted to try again and he was very very keen and we arranged to meet a couple of days late, he then cancelled on me on the day we were meant to meet and blocked and deleted me on fb. He said I was too tempting and he liked me too much and if we keep seeing each other it will get too deep!! Last message I got from him about a week ago said: Need space at the minute, got a lot of things happening and going to feel a bit minging for a while. I deleted and blocked you so that I couldnt contact u so easy not the other way round! Need to get settled in my new place and make it mine........I still like you ya dappy tart x ( Our little Joke). What is he saying in the message, give him time and he will contact me or he just dont want to know. Not sure if he trying again with ex or if he just scared of getting hurt with me. Sorry its long
Do I wait for this man or not??
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on Nov 25 2010 at 02:36
Member since: 22 July 2010
He may not know what he wants. Give him some time to figure things out (2-3 weeks), then contact him again and see where you stand. Let him know that you want to know what kind of relationship he wants with you.

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