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Wife searching for advice to help her husband get his sex drive back

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S-e-x advice Hi! I am a brandspanking new member! I came across this site by searching for somewhere to get advice and support for my current problem. First, let me introduce myself and then I will explain what has been going on.

I am a 23 year old mother of a one and a half month old baby girl! My husband and 27 and we have been married for three years, and will be together for five years this coming July. I love my husband more than anything in the world. He and I have a pretty good relationship. We love each other deeply, and enjoy the time we get to spend together. Things are going great.. all but in one area.

My husband and I, over the past 11 and a half months have had sex maybe 5 times. I found out I was pregnant in February of 2015, and welcomed my little girl into the world on November 25th, 2015. Since her birth my husband and I have had sex one time. During my pregnancy we had sex maybe four times. I have an extremely high sex drive and could have sex at least every day. My husband has almost always been almost the same. We would have sex at least once or twice a week.. and then it went to.. maybe 2 times a month.

I finally broke down and brought it up with my husband. He admitted that while he would like to have sex more often, he just has no drive to do so. He may plan that when we go to bed(night time is the best time for us, we moved in with my sickly father to care for him and my two brothers) we will have sex, but when it comes time, he finds that he is too tired. He knows that there is something wrong, and that its not fair to me. But he doesnt know what to do. But he does want to change.

Now I am aware that such a low sex drive could be because of low testosterone levels. I brought this subject up to him. Asked him if he would go to the doctor to be tested. He more or less refused and then just ignored the subject. I think maybe he is embarrassed, and when I pressed him just a little more, he decided that maybe with my help, we could get him out of his rutt(his words) While I think the best thing to do would be to go to the doctor, I am more than willing to do anything that makes him comfortable.

What I am asking for is.. advice. What should I do? How can I help pull him out of his rutt? Bring him back? Please dont tell me to talk him into the doctor.. I know thats pretty much not going to happen until he decides he needs it.

Thanks so much in advance!

Wife searching for advice to help her husband get his sex drive back

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First of all,
In marriage passion doesn't last forever. After 6-7 years of marrige you can't have sex eveyrday just like you used have in first year of it.With time people and their priorities change. Its completely NORMAL.
There are plenty of reasons for low sex drive.Just don't blame him for low testosterone levels.Its just one of possibilities.Some guys take these types of things as slap to their masculinity.
May be he is depressed or just too tired at night. There can be plenty of other reasons.
Try something different. Try a new pose.Change place and time.It will sure help.
By the way you are mother of two children ,still you want to have sex at least a day? that's pretty uncommon.
Just kidding:)
If he really loves you than don't worry too much.After all love is the only thing we need.:)
Good luck.

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