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How do I turn everyone against me

I'm 17 and am seriously getting fed up with life already, I've gone through so much in life and it's all my fault. When I tuned 13 I had lots of problems with drugs and would take anything from cannibis to Coke and ket, I cleaned up the bad habits and for the past year have been completely clean but I've started to notice that everyone in my life has turned to hate me or forgot about me. A year ago on the Christmas just got my parents found out about the drugs and kicked me out. I've had to work 3 jobs and go to college just to get by and since then all my friends forgot about me. My best mate ended up in bed with my girlfriend while I was getting help. I'm now only working 2 jobs and college due to a pay rise, I'm in a new relationship now but for the past 4 months she's given me no attention. I've fallen for another girl and she's so nice to me but she's just got a boyfriend and he's told me to piss off even though I've known this girl as friends for the past 5 years. What should I do?

How do I turn everyone against me

You need to learn how to be happy with just yourself. I am not saying break up with your girlfriend but you failed to mention if anything in her life might be causing the lack of attention. You are having an emotional affair with this girl who is paying attention to you. You are falling for the attention and not the girl I think. You are young and you will learn relationships have their ups and downs. You work two jobs and go to school.. and before that you had three jobs. This tells me that you likely have little free time between all that and sleep (yay college) which means although you may think you are making an effort your girlfriend may feel like she is third or fourth on your list of importance.. now the real question.. are you with her because you see a future in it or because you just don't want to be alone :) you have had an eventful life and I think you need to learn you are worthy of loving yourself

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