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I cannot do this anymore please help me?

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I'm just going to vent here, please if you could, offer some advice?
My life sucks, no, Im not a self absorbed spoiled 16 year old kid, I'm a kid who has a dad, who is very ill mentally, I never really knew him, now he is dying of leukemia, is not likely to live 6 months

I am ugly, my skin is dry and wrinkly, and ugly
I have forehead wrinkles, a humiliating birthmark on my forehead that I want to TEAR OFF, I'm only 5'8" (guy)
I have an osteoma (bonegrowth) on my forehead that annoys the hell out of me and humilates me, I have terrible math grades,

I have never had a girlfriend, I am alone, but have a few friends.

I never can sleep

My hair is falling out(probably stress and an allergic reaction)

I have a irregular sternum(chest) due to a heart surgery I had to save my life when I was born.

I almost died at birth(50% possibility of survival)

The best part is, that illness my dad has, could be GENETIC, so I will get it and mentally degrade too,
i have no present, no past, no future.

And when I look at the news the world seems equally doomed.

My hope is dead.

Can I resusitate?

I cannot do this anymore please help me?

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well, of course the quick answer is yes. cause people generally have the most amazing ways to find joy in the most challenging of lives. i'm sure one could dig up some examples.

but whoever's in charge is sure making you work for it! wow, that's some stuff you've got going on. so you remember a time when you were happy? can you draw on that? do you have someone you can talk to, locally? like a counselor?

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