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Should I continue the relationship?

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Long Distance Relationship advice I wanna tell me story to let you judge if i should continue with this girl i have been chasing for one year now.

We met online one year ago, she was travelling to my city in Australia, she told me she likes this country and wanna stay here, she wanna do a fake marriage to someone here to get the visa, when she added me, i felt in love to her immediately, i told her if we could marry together, i will treat her well. I told my family about this, they told me to be careful, in case she is going to take my money and get the visa as well. I told her about this, she said she did not wanna see my family. If we get married, she will send the letter to notice her family only, she doesn't want me to see her family as well.I felt a bit strange. One day she was trying to borrow my money to invest the share, i denied her. She 'd never asked me again. She seldom told me about her life.she chatted with me when she want, many time in the middle of the chatting she suddenly gone without telling me. Sorry, i forgot to tell you that we are in two very distant city. We only chat via what's app. This is very annoying to me. Coz so far away, i can not tell what she is doing.In the early of this month, she posted something on her Facebook, i didn't understand why she posted that, so i sent a message via Facebook to one of her friends on her Facebook liked the post at first. After one week her friend replied me " wat!?" It was so rude, so i told her about it. she became very nervous, she told me to leave her friends alone n do not try to research her past. I 'd never asked her about her past, only a little from her words. I respected her. But she still thought i were trying to dig her past out?! She unfriended me on Facebook. Then she told me ,i m not funny at all, so boring to chat with me, her friends have lots to chat with and have lots in common. I asked her why not tell me before? After a few days we made up, as i promised to marry her on March, i picked an engagement ring for her, she is very happy. But just one day after, at night i said hello to her , asked her how she is going , n where is she, she didn't reply me for three hours. After 4 hrs she told me she was busy, nothing was wrong. I felt she did not care about me too much ,we are going to marry in one month, she still kept me at arm's length no matter how good I treat her. Normally I talked to her , she didn't talk too much. When I met her in her city last Oct. She said we didn't have much to talk. I were wondering how. She'd never told me much about her n her likes, what can we talk ? I have tried my best to understand her with her limited information. I just felt i love her, so I wanna marry her n hope we can know more about us after marriage. I bought her flowers on her birthday. Bought her iPhone 6 S plus 128g at Xmas. Her attitude towards me is still similar like before. Not much better than i expected. A bit disappointed. And she told me she have a lots boyfriends. So after that night, i felt sick of it, no matter how good i treat her , she is till the same. Even worse. I felt so sad, i wanna cool myself down.

So you think i should keep going with her or i have done something wrong? Thx

Should I continue the relationship?

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Hello my friend,

I really think you are a very nice guy and the way you treat her is amazing
but her attitude towards you doesn't feel right at all no matter what you
do nothing is changing. In my opinion, you should let go because some things never change
even after marriage. If you keep the relation going you might get really hurt,
and she might not care about what you feel. There's plenty of girls out there,
give your heart a chance to let go and find someone else who would love you and care
about you the same way as you would do.

Good luck, I wish you the best in any choice make!

Should I continue the relationship?

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So, is there any other ways to change the relationship?

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