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Do I come clean with my secret? Should I try and fix things or move on?

A while back I started seeing a girl who I had been speaking to for over a year. We were going out for 3 months and had become very close and had a fairly serious relationship. One night I was out with friends and was heading back with two of them in the early hours of the morning. Long story short, we ended up in a confrontation with a slightly older aggressive man, whilst trying to protect my friend I seriously injured the man and feared the worst. We never spoke about the night again and I haven't spoken to those friends since. Only the three of us know what happened that night. I found out later that week that the man was fine and things were not as serious as I thought. However the stress of not knowing was too much at the time and I ended things with my girlfriend without explaining to her why. After I found out it was fine, a few months later we got back together however I never told her what really happened. About a month later I had important exams and hadn't been a ble to revise very well with everything constantly on my mind and I broke up with her again with huge amounts of stress. It's now 9 months since then. I've been in a new relationship for about a month now but I don't have feelings for this girl like I did for my ex. I asked for a bit of space from my current girlfriend but now she wants to know what's going on. I agreed to explain things to her tomorrow. I really like her but I know I'm in love with my ex. I want to explain everything to my ex but worried it won't change anything and even more worried she wouldn't agree to see me in the first place. No one knows about my current situation and very unsure what to do. Any advice?

Do I come clean with my secret? Should I try and fix things or move on?

I think you need to talk to your ex and explain to her what happend with the man so that she knows why you broke up with her.... Just so that she doesn't think she did something wrong... Also let your current girlfriend exactly how you feel towards her and your ex... I'm sure she will understand... And if she doesn't then that's her problem... It's better to end the relationship before she gets too into you and you don't feel the same... I hope things work out!

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