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Killer family

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Legal advice Hi
Since my grandfather died in 1999, my family is making my life an living hell. They try to kill me because my grandfathers left me a fortune and they want to inherit everything. They didn't gave me the documents. They pay people to cause me trouble. I can't go to work because they pay colleagues to cause me trouble. Everywhere i go, they pay people to cause me trouble. My father died but my sister and my mother are still alive and they don't let me live my life.
My grandfather always promised me that he will give me a lot of lands so i will open a farm.

Killer family

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I had 3 neighbors after me for from 4-8 years. I have manic depression, so I had to be careful I wasn't just imagining this. In my case, it was easy to get a second opinion, because I was already going to a psychiatrist.

One neighbor was going after one of material possessions, while he was pretending it was some other reason why he was pathologically angry at me. So, I'm having to look at him double, and at myself at the same time.

You may need to talk to a close relative or friend about this situation and see what they think to get a second opinion. You may want to talk to a psychiatrist to see what they think about this situation.

You may be putting yourself through unnecessary stress. I was in my case, for I was miss-diagnosed for years, and when finally recognized as manic-depressive and given lithium, I felt like the air being let out of a balloon, I had been so tense for so many years, and wish I had gotten on lithium sooner.

I think you need to relax, talk with some people, and help yourself. Just get a professional evaluation and see what they say. They do this kind of thing all day long, so you'll be in good hands. If the first one doesn't do you any good, see a second one.

Killer family

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I'm not insane, they put people after me. Once my friends tried to kill me and after they failed to do so they told me it was my father who payed them. Other time, other friends beat me before I go to search for a faculty and they told me that my family wants me dead.
I didn't know what certain people had to do with me and I was not getting insane or paranoid, I thought it's just shitty people. And my family too . But I've found out why. Nobody has nothing with me, except when my family pays them because they want to inherit the properties.
I'm not swallowing the "I'm insane" thing, been there, done that. Sorry, but that's not me.

Killer family

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You should file a report/complaint with your Police Authority. You need a good Legal Attorney to represent you, be sure to read and understand your retainer agreement with the attorney. If you are able to prevail and get your inheritance I would re-think the farm idea. You may want to consider re-locating to better ensure your safety. You should maintain an diary of what has happened and continues to happen.

I believe your not insane, you said "you go to search for a faculty and they have told you that your family wants you dead" then seriously get the police involved. I am pretty sure, solicitation for murder is a crime everywhere.

Be Safe.

Killer family

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Thank you for supporting me. I tried to find help at the police but I don't have any proof. I should have gone when I was beaten but police don't take people too seriously in my small city. They got me drunk everytime they beat me so that police won't take me seriously.
At the first murder attempt, they knocked me down and they all jump over me and pushed over my face. They got off me when I was not moving anymore. Then they told me that my father wants me dead.
But that's just one of the murder attempts.
Other time my sister left the gas open, I was lucky that I smell it. Other time my sister "tried" to turn the car on a bridge, which is illegal, and I was the most exposed to the heat from the cars coming from the opposite side. Then she got heat in the back by other car (she was not allowed to stop either) and police didn't do nothing to her.
Other time other friends beat me at a party and they told me my family wants me dead because I have HIV. They wanted to make me feel awful and ruin my world so I can commit suicide instead of searching for a faculty after high school. I don't have HIV and even if I had there is treatment and social benefits for those who have it.
Other time my gipsy neighbour called me to come with the car and take him home because he's afraid to go because he beat someone. I've driven 15-20 km to go to him and when he got out of the car he took a hunting knife out and when he was telling me what he did he was shaking the knife at me. I was very careful and I was not injured, now he respects me because I knew how to stay away from his knife. He wanted to make it look like an accident and he went to jail before.
I've had a lot of money and instead going and staying on rent, they fooled me to spend money refurbishing an old house of ours. Of course, they took care to cost me a fortune and now I'm broke and I'm living with them.
I have to get away from them but I don't know what to do.

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