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What would you do?

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Relationship advice Been seeing this girl for a little over a month. Been talking everyday since. We go out to dinner,stay the night at each others houses, etc. Both are 21. Called me her baby, her guy twin, and talked about a future with me. Anyways, Friday I stayed the night at her house and met her roommate (which she was nervous for). It went great and she said she loved that he liked me.

She worked the next morning, and throughout the day was short with me saying she was tired/grumpy because of no sleep. I then (to my deepest regret) sort of snapped on her, saying "its fine youre grumpy, but if you are going to keep being short with me, i just wont respond to you anymore." she then replied by saying "i do not do threats, nice talking to you."

So Saturday night and Sunday morning, I texted her 5 times, the last two texts basically saying "if you want to move on, let me know, im sorry" and i also called her 4-5 times between those two days. She never answered. Clearly ignoring me.

Yesterday morning, I came to the conclusion that she blocked my number (since she never answered and her texts didnt say "read") so I messaged her on twitter saying "I think u blocked my number, just know again I am sorry, and if you want to move on, let me know, I just need to get my clothes back)

She then texted me later saying this: "Im in class all day. And no I didn't block your number, I just wasn't ready to reply. But either way, I can get you, I'll get you your clothes back."

I replied back saying: "okay cool. did u want to talk about all of this or would you rather we just go different ways."

She read it at 5pm yesterday, and still has not responded up to this point.

So basically, I believe I messed up big time. I really like and care for this girl, and she warned me in the past to not treat her bad because of past relationships that she was mistreated in.

I have apologized and I do not know if I should move on or not. The thing I realized is, I asked her about 4 messages in a row if she wants to move on. She never said she did, but she also said she didn't.

What would you do?

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Why would her bad mood be her excuse to be rude to you? I think you had a right to "check her" Stop calling and texting. Where is her apologize for being rude to you? She's playing with your head, she has you pretty much "begging her" so stop.

If you continue in this relationship expect this as her mode of operation. You should decide WHAT you want. She said " No I didn't block you, I just wasn't ready to reply" She is setting the rules, she's making you sit in the corner unit SHE's ready.. this is not what you want in any relationship.

Stop contacting her, when ever she decides to respond- ignore her for at least one day. She deserves a dose of her own medicine.

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