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Stick it out?

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Stick it out...?
Thread: Stick it out...?
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Pandora111 said:
Yesterday 08:30 PM
Stick it out...?
I have been dating a guy for 3 weeks, we met online and spoke for two weeks before we met. After our first date we got on great and I have seen him about 14 times in this 3 weeks, he cooks for me, I cook for him and I stay at his about 3 nights a week.
But I have huge anxiety over him now and again and I can't put my finger on it :-/
I don't think he's using me for sex, I see him in the day and have lunch etc.. And everything isn't centred around sex!
We get on great and enjoy each others company.
BUT......when I say I can't see him he gets a bit moody and the other day I fell asleep and didn't txt him goodnight and he didn't speak to me all day the day after because of this!? I can be sensitive but I certainly wouldn't practically put someone on the naughty step because they didn't txt goodnight!!?
Am I over thinking this? I'm starting to fall for him but don't know what we are? And my god I'm scared to bring that up with him....
I'm paranoid he's going to get rid of me...

Stick it out?

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I think he's immature and wants to control you and the relationship. 3 weeks is not long enough to know anybody. What exactly is the relationship GF/BF or dating with benefits? I think you need to slow down and get an understanding of what are his expectations and are they in sink with yours.

You say "I'm paranoid he's going to get rid of me" Why would you want to be with somebody who makes you feel paranoid, uncertain, uneasy because IF HE BECOMES UPSET, He controls how your dealt with. So far his manipulation is working.

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