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Confusing boy problems. Don't know if he's into me

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I’m a girl and I’m trying to tell if this boy is into me. His name is Kyle

We are both freshman in college, so 19 years old. he got accepted into his frat so my friend thats a girl, Chelsea, who is best friends with him made him a cake and i walked over to his dorm to give it to her. After that, he told chelsea that he wanted to take me to his date event. I went, we got super drunk and hooked up but didn't have sex. He didn't want to and neither did I. it was fun and all. then winter break came and we didn't talk for that month since we were both home. then when we came back, we went to the same party and he told chelsea he wanted to hook up with me. he was very drunk. eventually he kissed me and then we just made out for a little in his room. for some reason he doesn't like to hookup for a long time and he will stop and just not want to go any further. not sure why. then, he started texting me whenever he was drunk asking me where i was. twice he texted me sober asking if i was going to certain events and wanting to hangout.
he is a VERY nervous and shy boy when he is sober, by the way. When he's drunk, he's outgoing, fun, and flirts with me a lot. so after that day, he started texting my friend that he wants to see me more often. problem is, he only texts me or her when he is drunk. He texts her things like "Bring ashley to the bar" or texts me to come meet him somewhere. He sometimes texts me sober asking if I am going to a certain event, but thats about the extent to which he texts me sober. I am not sure if he is into me or not and how I would go about getting to know him better if he is into me. Chelsea (the middle girl, kinda, since she is really good friends with him) says that he is just dumb when it comes to girls and gets really nervous. she thinks he is into me since he is always wondering where i am, but he doesn't really make an effort to hangout when sober. Im not sure what to do, how to tell if he's into me, or how to go about getting to know him better.

Another note:
Chelsea saw a snapchat from his ex girlfriend from high school, and she called him out on it and supposedly he got embarrassed

Confusing boy problems. Don't know if he's into me

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do you want to have a boyfriend who's more often drunk then sober and who seems to be able to sort of coherently communicate with you - only when he's drunk ?

why should YOU make the effort to find out if he's into you ? IF he were that into you - he would know it himself and have the balls to go and tell you outright - loud and clear

this guy has obviously some self-esteem / self-assuredness issues (which he tries to cover with alcohol) - which are NOT yours to handle : is this the "role you want to play" in having a relationship ? fixing his issues ?

get back to what YOU want from a relationship - and start from there : you are worth the worth you give yourself :)

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