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Need your opinion / suggestion

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Hi All,
Its been 3yrs to our marriage(Love-Arrange),we are blessed with kids....I had taken personal loan for my marriage (I am a working lady)with the permission of my husband,i also gave some money to my parents after marriage (after discussing with my husband)...My husband didn't tell anything that time but now he started cribbing about everything(my loan,money given to parents...)...I should also not forget to tell that my brother had stolen 10k from my ATM....This triggered my husband to take out all the frustation....
Now, he don't want me to have any relation with my parents....he want me to just follow him...he is asking for my resignation...he has clearly told me that ,"If i want to be with him, i should just do what he says, i should b like a DOG".
His thoughts even has gone far away to divorce me.....
He is repetedly mentioning that,he didn't get anything from me, i m useless to him ,me & my family r spoiling his life/happiness,he don't have any love for me(as of..)
But, i love him.I am also ready to accept his conditions but internally i m not feeling good.I need minimum freedom.....Why the hell Girls don't have freedom.Or am i expecting something wrong.....
Please help me..what should i do? Is my husband correct?Is this is what should he do?

Need your opinion / suggestion

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I don't think your husband is correct at all. He knew about the loan and the money you gave to family, so he should not be as upset as he is. What your brother did was not your fault, but just make sure that your brother is not able to do what he wants with your money in the future. You can tell your husband that he did not marry a dog or a robot, he married you. If he can't take it anymore, then he should just divorce you rather than complain about it all of the time. Offer for both of you to have separate accounts, or maybe you could have an account for one thing and another account for something else. You don't need to resign from anywhere, and you are the one who decides whether or not to contact your family. If your family only wants money from you, then you can decrease the amount of contact, but if your family loves you regardless of what you have, then you don't need to isolate yourself away from them. You love your husband, but that does not mean that he can treat you any kind of way. The only one spoiling his happiness is himself because instead of trying to solve problems, he is making them worse. You are not useless, and you do not have to compromise yourself for him. You have been honest with him and talk to him about what goes on, so he should not be treating you this way.

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