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Is it possible????

Ok I met a wonderful man almost 4 yrs ago. I was unsure about him because of past relationship issues. In time we had issues and i met another man. This man and I were starting to have sex when i was drunk and the other guy walked in on it. That was almost 3 years ago. We still trying. He asked me to move in but now keeps telling me i got to go, he cant take the mental stress. Is it possible to get through this and have a life or should i go on? I love him and want to be with him but i just don't know if we can go forward...

Is it possible????

You must give him time . forgiveness is really hard to achieve and even if he completely forgives you his trust and self esteem will be always scarred . Im only saying this from personal experience since im going through some similar situation. My husband had cheated on me ,two yesrs ago ,not physically though ,and im still trying to move on from that. It has really broken my self esteem and especially when were on our worse I csnt help but bring it up in my head like it was yesterday. Its really hard and I still need time yet I cant move out or have him move out as were currently expecting. But id love some times for both me and himself on our own. Some time to find myself again and let go of all that stress this whole dituation caused me. And thats only becaude I love him so much maybe too much. So your guy def loves you a lot and thats why he doesnt know how to handle all that. I suggest you do move out for a lil while but not break up. Just let him take some time and clear his mind let him know that you gonna wait until he is ready and he has decided what it is he feels like doing. All best luck

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