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Need some advice please

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Hey, so a few months ago I moved in with my partner and I love him dearly BUT some of his family members are so interfering! They are always sticking their nose in whether it's about how we want to decorate or what we buy. What really annoys me is that sometimes his siblings who are adults come round and just take things without asking such as food, or things that we have in our room!

One sibling even had the cheek to complain about the shop where our food was from! Since moving away from my family I've felt so depressed and down and they aren't helping. It also doesn't help that I only work 6 hours a week and other jobs are so far away from where I live I have no way of getting to them! My partner is a carer so he only gets a certain ammount each month and because of that I am also not allowed to claim any benefit money whilst I look for another job that has more hours.

It's making me ill living there, I am constantly depressed and sometimes wish I could die. I would move back home but I feel so unwelcome from my dad. He's only ever bothered about the financial side of things and said to me I could only move back home if I had enough money to pay board etc. Which I don't have until I find a full time job. I just feel so unhappy and I am really not liking my life at all. I am always contemplating suicide and have tried to commit it once in the past, I am so close to doing it again, my life hasn't turned out they way I wanted it too.

Need some advice please

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it's up to your partner to put the limits on what his family may or may not do in the place you both live in : tell him that and make that clear

how come your family is so poorly invested in your well-being ? apart from your dad who doesn't seem to want to consider the emotional & psychological side of things but only the financial - who else is there in the family you could count on ?

have you ever wondered why it is you are depressed with thoughts of suicide ? do you know the root cause : can you tell about it ?

it seems you have no real "home" - not with your partner and not with your family

your partner has to consider with you the situation you are in - financially and otherwise : is moving an option so you can get a better job ?

if nothing else - maybe it's time you question yourself about how and where and with whom you can make yourself a HOME - where you really truly feel at home - good in your space - good in your skin - good in your life

I think that's the number 1 question to get busy with - and if you must - go alone

you only have one life - and you don't live it for another - the same way they can not live yours : respect yourself and give yourself the means to make YOUR life good :)

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