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Always angry

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Emotional advice Hi am not 26 years old. I don't know why but i always feel anger. With my fam8ly with my bf. Surprisingly am good with strangers. But if someone annoys me i get super angry no matter who. I misbehave with my mom my elder bro. I feel so terrible now i can't work it out. What should i do differently i wana change so badly or else ill die. I am thinking to go to a phsychiatrist or to start a yoga. Cant say if it will work.

Always angry

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You said, "I don't know why but i always feel anger."

There is something called "anger personality disorder."

You can look it up on the net search engine. You can see how many of the traits you match with. You are right to consider a psychiatrist.

My father had it, and my brother inherited it. So it is inherited. Do you know of any relatives who have had a lot of anger, such as your mother or father, a grandparent. If you have an uncle or an aunt who have that, it can show more clearly that it runs in the family.

I don't have that, but I do have manic-depression (bi-polar), and anger is a significant component of that.

My psychiatrist makes sure that I'm loaded up on lithium, which helps calms anger.

You can look up bi-polar on the net search engine, also, and see if you have any of those traits.

I didn't recognize my anger, I just thought a lot of people were making me mad. Ive gotten into two road rage situations where people got out of their car coming after me because of my anger. It can be very dangerous.

You are very smart to, first, recognize this, and second, and realize you need to see a psychiatrist. Both of those are very unusual. Even one is unusual.

At least go to a psychiatrist, man or woman as you choose, to get a second opinion, in an area in which they have knowledge of this, also. You don't have to do anything they suggest, but just listen to what they have to say. They are going to be listening to what you have to say.

Go, to also have someone you can go to if you get into trouble, if nothing else. When you get in a crisis, having the presence of mind to figure out what is going on, what your part in it may be, what you should do about it, and how to get in touch with a psychiatrist, is almost impossible.

Thinking rationally, making decisions, making good decisions and acting on the good decisions is basically out the door.

The time to do that is now, when you're not in a crisis. It can take weeks or more to get the appointment, and you might be rattled right now. If you've already seen the doctor, you know who to call and they will be familiar with you.

You said, " Surprisingly am good with strangers." I am too. I think it might be because they're new, they haven't done anything to hack us off, and everyone is on their best behavior.

You say, " I feel so terrible now i can't work it out. What should i do differently i wana change so badly or else ill die." You will be affected if you don't get help. I was.

After I lost a job and had no social contact, within a few days of being in my aprt. by myself, my anger slowly built, until I was a rageing maniac (as in manic-depression); I focused it on my mom, over 200 miles away, for not raising me right.

I went and screamed at her, and was screaming for so long I had a nervous breakdown. So, you're right, you're gonna die if you don't get help.

The anger combined with depression within the firs t week of me not having a job, and no socialization. Then already poor thinking and decision making was out the door. And I was living by myself, so not a lot of support.

You said, "I am thinking to go to a phsychiatrist or to start a yoga. Cant say if it will work."

Well, you're thinking the right thoughts. I would at least talk to someone like that.

Also, at 26, you're right at the right age when mental illness can start. I was about 26, also.

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