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What am I doing wrong?

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Relationship advice I am not shure where to start. i dont normally ask for help but i am out of ideas. i met a girl 6 months ago i was trying to get with.but i found out that she just got out of a bad break up the week before. and she had no one to talk to so i offered my ear and sempothy.i tried to help her asmuch as i could but.

after a while i wanted more out of it and she doesnt at this time she said that she is not ready to make a comitment. and turns arround and tells me that she messed arround with a guy the next day. well that killed me inside after me telling her he doesnt care about you and he just wants to hit it and quit it.

well now we think shes pregnet and i still love her she knows how i feel but she does nothing with it. but if i was to leave it would kill her inside and i cant do that to her. but if i stay it will destroy me if we cant be together. because i have tried to just stay buddys and to date other girls but all of them have ran at the thought that i have a best firend who is a girl. her family loves me her mom keeps pushing her to me and i dont want that if she loves me she will come on her own. but she is 2 hours away with one of her friends who is about to have a kid and im taking this time to look over my options. if shes pregnant and he wont own up to the kid and help her i will it will kill me but ill do it to make her happy.

what should i do leave? keep trying? stay? i dont know what to do i know theres lot more to me and her but i didnt want to sound like my life story if you need any more information just ask..

What am I doing wrong?

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You may have feelings for this girl, but she has made it pretty clear where you stand with her. She's responsible for her actions and if she's pregnant to someone else and he doesn't care, then you don't have to step into his shoes. You are not responsible for her happiness, rather, you are responsible for your own happiness and well being.

Take two steps back and ask yourself if you will be happy being there for her...again...when it's quite likely she will just go on her merry way when she's ready. It's all OK to have a girl best buddy, but don't let your heart become involved. The other girls you have dated sense your heart without you even stating the obvious.

You're correct in every way, she will come to you if/when she's ready, but in the meantime, get on with your life and stop wasting the person you really are.

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