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I don't know what to do anymore

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Relationship advice Im going through a tough time right now with someone. Ive known this person for two years now but we never really talked for the first year but the next year we started getting closer together.

I started to like her but I didnt know if she felt the same so we were just friends and we got very close that we were best friends and would tell each other anything. We would stay up all night texting each other back and forth for like a month and thats when I really started liking this person.

So one night she was about to go to bed and I told her that I really like her and stuff and she was very surprised by what I said and she went to bed but when I told her that my body could not stop shaking because of how nervous I was. But I knew she wanted to take time of dating people because her ex was cheating on her.

But after that I would always flirt with her and everything and I really started getting attached to this girl and I absolutely loved her and we would always say it to each other. But onve and a while we would get in arguments and because I would get jealous over her and stuff like that.

I was really in love with her and I was very disappointed because she was going to move across the world in a couple years and she told me once im done with high school im going to come back and be with you and I was so happy that she said that and I knew she actually cared about me and loved me and I would just think about what its going to be like when she comes back and whrn she came back I was thinking of proposing to her and marrying her and starting a family and I just loved her.

But the past week I found out something. That the girl im in love with likes someone besides me. She likes my best friend and the only way I found this out was because her best friend told me and this whole past week I started noticing that shes spending more time with him and giving him the dreamy eyes and laughing at whatever he says. So I was furious that day and during encore my best friend came in my class and sat across from me and then the girl I like came in and I just didnt want to see her anymore and the friend sitting next to me knew I liked her and moved his seat so she had to sit next to me.

But when she sat next to me she started talking to my best friend the person she likes so I stood up grabbed my stuff and walked right out the classroom and never went back in the classroom. All this week was just drama between us and she keeps denying that she likes him but she actually does cause now all her friends are texting me saying that she likes him but still cares about you and yesterday she told me that she likes me and I just couldnt believe her and today at school we would just talk a tiny bit and at lunch she was talking to him and he walked her to her bus and they are always so close up next to each other and I jist dont know what to do with her anymore and I still love her but idk how she feels and I just dont know if I can handle anymore of this with her. So if you dont mind please give me some advice on what I should because I really was hoping that I found the right person and that when she comes back from across the world that we could be something but I dont know if that will happen.

I don't know what to do anymore

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Greetings Domo,

Well it's really hard to understand where the problem arose in this relationship. It seems to me that there was some major miscommunication going on. Maybe this girl never really liked you in the same way that you liked her, or maybe she just ignored your advances to keep from upsetting you and really just valued your friendship that much? It is hard to say.

It's also not clear whether she likes your friend. There is a lot of conflicting information here.

What IS clear, however, is that you are too concerned about relationships, when you are in school and are surrounded by people who are still young and immature about relationships.

This girl might just be really immature. She might not know what she wants, or maybe she just wants to play games with you guys to feel wanted and pretty and cared about. And that's okay, might not be all her fault, that's part of growing up and being a teenager.

The thing is, if I were to text back and forth all night for a month with a girl my age? And both of us said we loved each other multiple times? Then that might be something special. But I'm 27. If a girl your age does it, it is probably because she is bored and wants attention, and has a smartphone and has no major obligations outside of school.

Moreover, you said it yourself, this girl is planning on moving halfway around the world eventually. So this was pretty much doomed from the start. And she is scoping out guys here before she leaves for her dream life...why? When I was in high school, my dream was to move to another country and to eventually marry some girl I met there. I didn't want to have any baggage back home. I can't imagine this girl would be thinking of doing that, either.

Chin up, Domo. There will be LOTS of girls for you to meet and get to know in your life. You are just at the start. Why settle, when maybe there is someone much better - who actually likes you back! Find someone worthy of your heartache, you can thank me for it later. In the meantime, I know this situation sucks, but I wouldn't let this fickle girl get you down. And who knows? Maybe if you get all aloof around her that'll get her interested in you again? Just, I wouldn't count on her being "the one", or anything like that, okay? Because the chances are stroooooongly in favor of that not happening.

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