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Sabotaging own life???

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Hi I am new to this and confused 100% to relationships. The only happy relationships I know is the love I have for my dogs. I have had friends leave me family distance away from me and just feel alone some days. I am 27 and have been diagnosed with a severe case of tmj to which I now have chronic pain. With that I have been placed on medication to where I am tired frequently and don't want to do much. I never dated when I was in jr high, high school, or college because I was sort of scared due to my parents and prior history of my sister. She is 8 yrs older than me and has been married and divorced four times. She also has three children and none have the same dad. So my role models weren't really there at the times I needed them. My parents have been married for 29 years and during the 29 years I have heard from one or both parent they only stayed married because of me. I have so much built up emotions and I am just not sure how to figure everything out.
I want a relationship but I am afraid and nervous. As when they find out about my jaw issues, pending possible surgery for my jaw, chronic pain, and my family drama who would want to be with me. I just want a chance at finding love and finding my person. I have done dating sites with no luck as no one seems interested. I am not sure if it is my profile or photos. I have gained confidence within myself to consider my body beautiful but when other people look at me I am not sure they see the same thing. I have gone on a few first dates and I will admit that two texted back and I ignored the message as I was afraid. How can I get past this????????

Sabotaging own life???

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Hi - I believe tmj can be cured - and not only and necessarily through surgery - Google tmj and look for what possible natural remedies, massages, foods, habits & postures can help - I am in no way an expert in this domain but I believe this can come from anxiety & stress - an emotional and psychological unwell-being that has gone on for too long and which the body expresses at one point

you can not and are in no way obliged to feel responsible for your parents - if they stayed together for you or because of you - that's their choice - your question is : were you happy with them being together ?

as for you sister : same thing - it is not because she has done things a certain way that you must and will do them the same way : we don't have to repeat family karma

you are the way you are and if people are going to like you - they will like YOU - not your condition or your entourage : do not accept anybody in your life who doesn't genuinely truly like you and shows it in actual concrete deed

if you go running after someone - wanting to be liked and or loved - you are "offering" yourself - thus making yourself dependent on their approval (or not) and thus fragile to any critics or letting down - that is not a strong position to be in

be yourself and like yourself the way you are - there are many people with a million problems but life can be lived a million different ways

go on dates - take it with a breeze - be friends first & foremost - laugh & have fun - love will come on its own if it is meant to be - don't expect because you will let yourself down by having to high expectations which you will project on another who will (of course) systematically fail

wish you luck :)

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