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Need relationship advice

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- Mar 8 2016 at 21:36
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Relationship advice I have a male friend. we were in a relationship before I went to a treatment facility. I was in the facility fro about 5 months. once I got out and got back in contact my friend seemed over me and we just talked as friends. Just today I got an email from him and he said "babe i missed you" since he did not email me last week. he has never called/refered me as babe until today since i got out of treatment. I do not know what this means for our relationship I thought we were just friends.

i still do like him more than just friends, but i am worried of being lead on, but i am a bit afraid to ask him if he still likes me more than friends because i do not want it to get awkward between us especially if he just accidentally said babe or just said it but did not mean it in anyway. do you think that he has feelings for me more than friends or do you think that he did not mean anything or do you have a different opinion and what do you think I should do?

Need relationship advice

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- Mar 9 2016 at 14:21
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One email does not make a relationship. Neither does call another person "babe."

So he misses you. That's a good start. But there must be so much more.

If he follows up with a date request, THEN you have reason to wonder about all this.

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