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How I get the girl

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on Mar 14 2016 at 06:10
Member since: 14 March 2016
Relationship advice I recently began talking with a girl we got together once and everything went great. However after a week or so she has informed me that she doesn't think shes ready for a new relationship. I really like this girl and am not going to just give up. Does anyone know how i can get the girl?

How I get the girl

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on Mar 14 2016 at 11:22
Member since: 06 March 2016
How long ago did she say she wasn't ready for a new relationship, and how has the communication between you been since? Has she initiated any contact, and/or is she responding if/when you do? Generally speaking, when someone says they're not available, it's best for all parties if that is respected.

How I get the girl

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on Mar 14 2016 at 16:29
Member since: 09 April 2015
Agreeing that if she's not interested, it's best that you respect that.

With that said, I'd also consider how aspects of the relationship are working. Some of the time, someone really isn't ready for a relationship-relationship (for whatever reason), but still enjoys your company. IF this is the case, maybe keeping some boundaries (no intimate stuff, etc.) is a good idea, while still hanging out with her as friends. While it's unlikely for friends to suddenly become a relationship, it does happen (esp. if this a temporary thing vs. a blow off), and having friends isn't terrible, either.

(Finally, why *is* she not ready? Some times women say that because they're NOT INTERESTED, but if there's a specific reason, that can change. But you do have to be patient, not push, and not be a jerk about it.)

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