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How can help my boyfriend convince his mother

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I will try to keep my story short,My name is piya (28yr old) and my bf name is Aki (26yr old).Although we met via a matrimony site,but then due to our age difference we thought to start as frds, but eventually fell in love within 6 months of dating he introduced me to his mother.But she did not approve our relation as am older to him.On the other hand my parents are looking for a guy,as they want me to settle down soon.My guy loves me lot hence..he spoke to my parents and confessed to them that he love me lot and want to marry me..but asked for some time so that he can convince his mother for this marriage. Now its been 6 months passed but still his mother is not getting convinced,and my boyfriend is asking for more time and other hand my parents are getting irritated,they feel that my guy is just hanging me in between and eventually will support his mother and leave me. My parents wants both of us to do a court marriage,that's their last option given to him...he is ready for it but still wants more time as his the only son and after marriage eventually wants to stay with his mother and me too.He says he neither can stay without his mom nor me.For a happy life he wants both of us..but the reason she is upset is pertaining to my age so she is probably never goin to get convinced I'm heading to a depressing stage i feel helpless that i cant even help him , should i give up or keep more patience..pls help

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