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How to find the love of your life

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I met a guy at a bar, at first I didn't really think much of him I just thought he was alright. Then we ended up playing pool and he was really into astrology just like me so we hit it off. After playing pool and getting retardedly drunk. He started making out with me and we decided to go back to his place. We eneded up having sex three times. Ya three times haha. I was thinking in my head oh my god I love this guy he is amazing, future husband!!! Lol I haven't really had a lot of good sex but he was amazing. Anyways he asked for my number so I gave it.I got his but I didn't save it in my phone by accident. 3 days later no contact from him I was kind of surprised and I didn't text him cause I realized I didn't have his number shortly after haha. So I gave up and just started tindering again. Sure enough he pops up as a super like....So I message him and ask him how he's been he calls me babe and then he ends up texting me and asking to go on a date. We went on the date it started off him just talking about himself and I thought wow self centred much. Anyways we went to a brewery and got a little tipsy. We laughed hard and talked about a lot of things. Ended up going back to his house and I think we slept together again and this time it wasn't as good. It was okay. We hung out again he got really stoned and started pressuring me to have sex I kept pushing him off but I was sleeping at his house so I didn't really want to go home and wake up my mom. Anyways so I told him how I felt about it and that I didn't want to have sex again.But we saw eachother again and we had a few beers and got a bit tipsy and I ended up telling him about the feelings I had towards him when we had sex the first time... Stupid me. He was actually really flattered and he felt pretty bad that he didn't feel the same way and that he just got out of a 4 year relationship and she cheated and left him for another guy. Which I totally understand I feel horrible for him. That night we had sex and I let him put it in my butt.Which was surprisingly really good no problems at all really. I've never done it for so long and never with someone I only met a couple weeks before. I woke up feeling horrible cause I knew that's all he wanted and he was treating me like a total slut I would never do that with anyone else.I care about him a lot and I really don't want to try with anyone else now that, that happened between us. I'm not a slut. I was really tipsy and it was in the moment. But I really like him. I really don't want to do something like that when the guy doesn't feel the same way I feel disgusting. And I keep throwing myself at him and he keeps telling me he's not ready but maybe in the future......

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