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Faded love or no sex drive?!?

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I have been dating a girl for almost 2 years .
She has a young child from a drunken night
With a deadbeat that lives 5 miles away and
Has never tried to see or support the child he
helped create . I've been the child's dad from
10 months to now .

When we first started dating we were intimate
once or twice a month because of her/our child
being there , or so I thought , we now liv together
And have for over a year and it's been 10 months
Since any intimacy or anything , I know it's not all
Sex , and in ok with no sex really but I need to feel
Affection or some sort of appreciation of my presence .
I sleep on the couch she sleeps in my bed because I
Supposedly snore (no one has ever mentioned it before ).

I pay all of the bills , it's her house I sold mine so I could
Keep her from losing hers . The child sleeps next to me
I get up with the child all hours of the night and work 70 +
Hours a week then do most of the chores at home when I get off , I'm on call 24/7 so I never know when that will be .
I've asked her about my thoughts / questions in a nice
Respectful way , she gets defensive and claims she just don't want close or touch / kiss or be intimate , says she has no sex drive .

But she obviously wants me to be there . From my point of view of it was turned around and I wasn't attracted to her or didn't love her I wouldn't be with her , is it possible that
She does love me but never shows it in any way other than
A "Love ya " and a peck on the cheek ??

Or is it as simple as the obvious choice that im her meal ticket ? I love her , but that baby is part of me so I don't
Plan on leaving I can deal with not being loved by her but
I won't walk out on the baby like the sperm doner did . I guess what I'm hoping for is possibly a female can tell me
That they feel this or have felt this way and there is still hope for us . Thank you for your time .

Faded love or no sex drive?!?

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You're being used, manipulated. How can she Love you but never show it?? You are her meal ticket, babysitter, housekeeper, but not her sexual partner. She says she has no sex drive? So that part of the relationship won't e happening.. Of course she wants you around WHO WOULD"NT. Don't use your feelings for the baby's well being in lieu your happiness and your needs.

She is a user and knows that you are weak and is taking your kindness for weakness. Stop being her fool..Only woman who are selfish, inconsiderate behave like this..

Faded love or no sex drive?!?

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She is 100% manipulating you and knows exactly what she is doing.

Actions speak louder than words and Its pretty clear what she is doing.

What exactly does she bring to the relationship? Cause it sounds like she takes without any give.

I would have a very long talk about the situation and find out exactly where you stand and where is the relationship going?

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