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Don't lose your love

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Relationship advice hi.. myself mithi
I have been in love since last 4year.. firstly it was all ok.. i love him(babu my boyfreinf) so much i cant live without babu.

Babu also loves me i know but from last 5 months he seems so irritating his behaviour completely changed. yes he cares for me but truley saying he never cares my emotions.

he hates my being emotional for him i cant understand why?
he never call me untill i call him. He never say baby i miss u but when i say m missin u babu he scold me.
he contineously abuse me and when i cry he get more angry and scold me more he never care how m feeling and this hurts so much.i tried suicide but i failed.

he aske me to be free,strond and happy but he never see inside me i text him my love feeling for him but he never give reply of a single massage.
i cant live without him but also cant live like this.

please help me out of this situation.

Don't lose your love

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How old are you? How old is your BF? You can't get someone to love you because you love them..

Do you have any children together do you live together?

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