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Parents financial issues + stress

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Legal advice So basically, i have a hard time at home since a few months. My parents decided to take over a small shop where they sell food, they had to pay the bank ofcourse. In 2013 they were bankrubbed and we were left with very high schulden. My father is already 70 years old, ( im 16 ) and my mother is 48. My parents decided to sue the company beuind the shop, but they eventually lost it.. Which lead into more problems at home. My father gets money like when youre over 65 you get money, I forgot how you call it. And my mother works as a sushi chef very hard every week for roughly 1700 euro per month.. They have a lot of fights and sometimes my mother tells me stories about how bad my father is etc.. My mother works very hard and I love both of my parents ofcourse..
But im in a weird situation as i want to study ofcourse. Next to that, I make quite some money with a business I run. I was thinking about releasing my whole bank account to my parents and to keep doing this untill I leave home when I turn 18 probably... I think my father even will get ill due to the mental stress he has at the moment due to his effort and time he puts into this whole court case which he eventually loss..

Just thought i want to share it with you guys.
Its with a lot of mistakes, i know. im dutch.

thanks for your advice

Parents financial issues + stress

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This is a difficult situation. These adults made business decisions. Now they are suffering.

But is sounds like you have worked hard for all that you have accomplished.


Have they asked you for financial assistance?

Do you live with them?

What bills do they have that they can't pay?

If you do "lend" your parents the $$, and it is a large amount, I would get a lawyer to draw up the papers. They can pay you back in payments.

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