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Should I stay or should I go?

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To start off, Ive been dating someone for a few months now. My family loves him, he's polite, always opens doors, brings me breakfast every morning. He makes me feel valued and beautiful on my worst days and to top it off he's handsome. Yesterday I was on his laptop and went onto a website to look for used furniture. I noticed that he had clicked on the personal ads (whenever you click on a link on this website, they turn purple) This had me confused so I sent him a text and asked. He said that it was from a long time ago and acted like it was nothing but I could tell by the way he responded that something was off. So I looked at his email and a week I was out of town, about 2 months after we started dating, he tried to meet an escort in the area. I confronted him and he said that a few years prior to us meeting, he would contact escorts because he had bad luck with girls and didn't want to date anymore. He said he spent a lot of money on it but eventually stopped. He said he would have never done anything since hes been with me but sometimes looks when he gets bored. I dont think hes done anything because he is with me every night and there was only the one message. Im confused and conflicted and a little grossed out. I thought I found a person I could settle down with but now I dont know what to think. Should I give him a chance or let it go?

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