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Should I look for my brother?

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So, my older brother was adopted out of the family after his father died, my mum was ill and we were completely broke so she wanted him to have a better life and opportunities.
Since then we've been through a lot, I won't go into gory detail but it's worse than being a widowed mother at 25. Needless to say, what remains of my brothers birth family is a bit of a mess. I started looking for my brother when I was nine, I stopped a couple of years ago because I decided it would be completely selfish to try to bring him back to all ours problems.
However this year my mother has became quite ill again, naturally I worry about the worse, I want her to know she made the right choice and she didn't mess up all her kids in case anything happens, but if conflicts with my previous decision.
So do I find my brother or not?

Should I look for my brother?

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"So do I find my brother or not?"

What are your mother's wishes?

Her feeelings are the most important, IMHO.

(PS Your brother could do this search IF HE WANTED TO, you know.)

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