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Should I move on from my crush or does he like me back?

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on Apr 3 2016 at 01:12
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Relationship advice I have had a crush on this guy for 6 months. He is a year older than me and we both go to the same school and currently on the same track team.

Although we have never talked, I was pretty sure that he has a crush on me as well. These are the signs he gives to me:

1. he keeps staring at me

2. He likes my posts on facebook

3. When I cried, he kept on staring at me.

4. He copied what I did.

But my main concern is: Is it even possible to have a crush on someone you have never talked to? Also it is confusing because my crush would stare at me and next day, stops staring at me. Is he playing with me or just plain shy? Also his "formal love" told me that he is a difficult egg to crack... She isn't even sure if he is gay or not.

Should I move on from my crush or does he like me back?

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on Apr 3 2016 at 13:51
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You are never going to find out how he feels until you actually TALK to him.

The things you listed don't really reveal anything.

But - what is a "formal love" - does that mean girl friend?

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