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Did he cheat on me?

- Apr 7 2016 at 04:14
Member since: 07 April 2016
Relationship advice I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years. We recently moved in together and bought a home together. I randomly saw one day when we were at church that a girl I never heard of before messaged him on facebook. Of course like any normal girl you would want to know who this person was. I asked him and he said he honestly didn't know who the person was. I went onto his facebook and messaged the girl (she thought it was him) and I said exactly what he told me, Im sorry but I dont know who you are. She claims to have met him at the St. Patricks Day Parade and "made out" with him for 4-6 hours. She did know specific details about my boyfriend, about our new house and how he went to school in California (but aren't these things that you would talk to anyone about?) He swears on everything that he never made out with this girl. He said he was with friends the entire day, walked around talking to people, got food, waited for an hour to get money from the ATM and took a cab home around midnight. So far after doing some investigating from friends it seems to all pan out that he is telling the truth.

She claimed that he took a cab home to her house and his friend was making out with her friend and threw up in her cab. I know thats not true because I spoke to friends girlfriend and she said she picked him up. I also looked at his uber account and he did take a cab home.

I find it really really hard to believe that he would do this because he's just not the type to go out and pick up girls and make out with someone for 4-6 hours. She also said weird things like he lied about his age, that her lips were so chapped from making out so much, and that even though when she looked him up on facebook and saw he had a girlfriend she continued to message him and even call him through the facebook app. She kept saying "too bad you have a girlfriend we had such a great time."

What are peoples thoughts on this? Why would some random woman make this entire story up or do you think its true? Why would my boyfriend swear and swear that it didnt happen? I need some help and thoughts on this as I am about to move into a house with this man!

Did he cheat on me?

- Apr 7 2016 at 09:09
Member since: 06 April 2016
She could be lying. trying to make you two fight, maybe he did something to upset her and this is her way of evening the score with him. You said you checked his card statements, im pretty sure those dont lie. Its perfectly normal for you to be concerned but remember that there are horrible people out there, and it was St. Patricks day, alot of people get crazy there and do stupid things. if you have been with him for a long time im pretty sure you know how he is by now, so keep digging if you feel like you need to but remember trust is very important in a relationship.

Did he cheat on me?

- Apr 7 2016 at 09:35
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Hi- Does your BF remember ever meeting and talking with this girl at the the St. Patrick's Parade? What was his reaction of being accuse of stepping outside your marriage?

Why didn't he make the call to her rather than you? I think he should have handled this person since he was the one being accuse of infidelity by some strange.

Not knowing you BF personality was he pissed/mad/angry what has he done to shut this down?

Is it possible that the details she did know she could have gotten on FB? His Uber account confirms his pick up and drop off location. She maybe one of those idiots that surf the web sites "catfishing" (pretending to be someone she's not her sole purpose to cause turmoil and discord in people's relationship.

Now the swearing is what all men/woman do whether there're innocent or guilty.

She says "my lips were so chapped from making out so much" and "too bad you have a girlfriend we had such a great time" this was just to get to you..and dig a bigger hole for him. Seems fake....I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

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