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Office mate crush

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I am working at this office at a busy corporate setting city. Started December of 2015, so far, my floor is composed of 5 different departments where in i belong to the OTD-PH dept which was highly connected and dependent to CSC dept. (not gonna mention what it stands for already) Anyways, im an intern here and work directly at the manager of my dept. So far i find it hard coping since my position was just a temporary employee. I have a schoolmate that is also assigned at the other branch of the same dept. She is my classmate throughout college so i was comfortable with her. but January on wards she would go on leaves (usually for 10 days) for her family trips which sends me going to lunch alone. I had a friend who once interned at the CSC dept suggested that i would go lunch with her co dept who was a regular employee. Lets leave his name to B. So even he was a regular there, he was close to a fresh grad who also was at my previous college. My friend convinced him to try to be friendly to me since he was active in organizations backin college and since im alone surrounded by much older employees who goes to 3 pm lunches or no lunches at all. well months passed and i bump into him from time to time but we never say hi to each other. im down to my last 3 weeks here in the company before i get back to school and finish my thesis. So when i heard that my friend told him to add me via snapchat, i immediately got surprised and told my friend she didnt have to do that since my cointern was back and i had someone to go with during lunch already. Anyways, since i saw that B added me in snapchat, i added him back. I didnt see any repsonse nor did i send any message or snap. I saw that he had a baby icon so i guess he was fairly new to the app. My friends and i later that night had our GNO at one of my friends condo. We drank some beer and took shots and had a great time. I got so drunk and sent a snap video to B, which was composed of me and one of my friends saying "hi B!!!!" (saying hi with calling his name). The video was sent since my friend got hold of my phone and i couldn't find any other excuse to say cos i already shouted his name. morning after it was a work day, and i received a snapchat to him he asked if i was in a sleepover, i got surprised he replied and i answered back. then he started asking questions and chatting with no intention to end the thread. ofcourse it was snapchat so you would detect if one opens and one is typing. fast fowards it has been 2 weeks of chatting in that app even on weekends. he even added me on the company chat system. we bump to each other and talk for while but not hang out officialy. we talk about random things such as college, where we live and all the office drama and such. also asking whenever i go to the company gym or to the company canteen. now that im down to my last week, i noticed that he would just open my reply and from another later time he would react and chat to me on one of my stories. (ex. my dog having a haircut). He didnt add me in facebook nor talk to me in our company grp chat even if he added me which is prettty useless since my account will be deactivated in 2 weeks. I also just followed my guy friends advice of just try and talk to him. i said that i want to unlike him because of the uncertainty and him being unreadable on wether he might feel anything for me. my guy friend told me that i should unlike him once i leave. now its my last 3 days in the company and he has been called like the last few days. I didnt also inform him that i will leave 1 day earlier as planned. should i tell him my feelings and that ill leave ealrier? and if he ever does feel anything for me thanks

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