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Recently single and started dating again

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Hi all

I'm fairly new to this site, essentially I have recently become single after leaving my parter of 11 years. I was never really any good at dating before I met my partner and now I am dating again the memories are flooding back as to why.

It scares me for starters... It's quite a vulnerable situation to put yourself in.

Anyway, I've been talking to a girl for the last couple of months and we finally went on a date last Saturday. It was a great date and at the end we shared a kiss, she asked me to brunch the next day and again another great date.

I text after she left to say it was a shame her train was waiting as I would have liked to invite her up. She replied that 'in that case, another time'. I left it a few days and then I text to see how her week had been, I received a reply and she asked me a couple of questions - I answered and I've not heard from her again.

She is recently separated (Jan) as well but has two children and is still living with her ex. So I know the situation is tricky... We both said we're not looking for something serious as recently separated...

I've not dated someone with children before and just wondered if this was normal. It went so well that I was looking forward to date 3... But worried this isn't going to happen now!

Some advice would be great around dating - when I say not serious I mean see someone casually but it might mean something different to everybody but I would text the person and arrange to see them again - but I know it'll be different if you have children as they absolutely should come first.

I think it's more my paranoia that over the last year I've met some nice people but nobody I've even wanted to go on a second date with. I've been quite clear with my communication around this. I guess I'm fearful she's not interested and got caught up on the weekend and has since relfected and decided it's not for her which is why she hasn't replied to my last message.

Any insights would be great - thank you! I feel pretty rusty around what's normal in the dating world!

Recently single and started dating again

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She is recently separated (Jan) as well but has two children and is still living with her ex. = she's still married!

Spread your wings and date other girls. This one is not free to respond to you.

Recently single and started dating again

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. Is she really still married? Her ex is already with someone else and they have been in discussions abut separating for a year, and from talking to her she very much views herself as separated and currently in counselling with the ex about how they manage the children.

I guess it just takes so long to meet someone you like while you're dating, it's just frustrating when one side goes quiet and you're not sure why. Especially when you thought you had two very successful dates in quick succession. So I was just wondering if it was a time thing when you have kids or if it wasn't that great so she's not that enthusiastic to message back.

Maybe this situation has highlighted that I am ready for a relationship finally - as it's been two years since I left my ex and I haven't felt much like dating. When I started dating I thought I just wanted something pretty easy going - which is what my date was also after - but maybe having a good date is just showing me that I am in the headspace to meet a 'significant other'. I guess if you're casually seeing someone when you have kids then realistically you're not going to be on the phone texting someone you're dating all the time and dates will be sparce while she's in the situation she is in.

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