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Mean message

I sent someone a mean msg on fb then deleted the account. It played on my mind so then re activated the account and apologised. I'd never do it again I was drunk and I've been very down lately and having lots of problems ie money, family fall out and a family members death. There is some history between me and the person I sent the msg to, however the recipient of the msg won't know who sent the msg as it was sent using a fake account which has been deleted again. I feel terrible about it and I'm also worried incase they want to try and find out who really sent the msg.

Mean message

Would it be possible to come clean about your mistake? It would lift this weight off your shoulders and it would help the person who may be rather distraught by the mean message. You seem concerned - this tells me you are a good person. We all do silly things - especially with drink; it's what you do next that makes the difference. Ignoring it and moving on like you know nothing - is not nice. Coming clean is nice; judging by your past experience, this person should understand. Apologise for it - then if they decide to make you feel bad about it - move on.

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