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My mom is so ungrateful

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Hello people,

I am so mad at my mom and i don't know how to deal with her. I give her 50/100/150 euros very often and she never says thankyou or seems happy about it. She always says "thats what you are supposed to do".
I always try not to be mad, but today she went to far. So we had a fight and i bought her a dress 49.99 euros, its not about the price but just so you guys have an idea about the situation. She was working when i came home so i left in on the couch. When she came, my father asked her "what is that dress?" and my mom told him "throw it upstairs. Oke i thought i will not make a big deal out of it and we made up. But later on when she went upstairs (and it was the end of the day) she didn't even look at it!!!!!! Im so mad and i have the same issues with my little sister(19).

I just really don't know how to deal with ungrateful people because it makes me so angry. But being this angry is costing me too much energy!!

Sorry for my bad English, it is my third language.

My mom is so ungrateful

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Hello, well first of all I don't think your English is bad I can understand you perfectly. ok I was wondering are you working full time? and when you say you give your mum 50/100/150 very often, is it a regular payment? would you give it every week? or month? is it the same amount each time or one week/month you give 50 and next maybe 100? and do you buy your own food? cook ? help around the house. Does your mum do all your washing and ironing? or do you take care of all that yourself?

I ask all this because your mother could be looking at what you hand up to the amount of help you give, like you give a certain amount and does that cover phone, electricity, heating, washing/ironing food even rent? And I am trying to look at it from a mothers point of view to show you, why she may not be as grateful as you would like her to be.

And it was nice of you buying your mum a new dress, but again could she be a little annoyed that you spent 49.99 when maybe she had to pay a gas bill? or some other utility bill?

So maybe when you are both calm, make out a budget or some plan and maybe agree a set amount and regularly give it, so she can rely on that towards the household bills and shopping. Does your mother expect you to give more? maybe helping more around the house would help. Or maybe you do a lot already.

And you say you have the same issue with your little sister? Do you have to give her money too?

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