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I hate living with my grandmother

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on Apr 21 2016 at 16:00
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Elderly advice I'm 15 and live wth my grandmother and my little sister who is 13 years old and I hate it. My sister gets treated so differently. When i was my sisters age I never even had a phone and was shopping at Walmart and my grandma always says I get more than her when she is 13 with a really nice android and her whole closet is Victoria secret and she complains about everything. I never complain but get yelled at for everything small I do. I miss a day of brushing my teeth I get yelled at. I haven't seen my sister brush her teeth in months. They are yellow! My sister sneaks out at night to see boys and when she asks to hang out with a guy she allowed. And I'm not. I also never sneak out at night. Another things is my sister is always in my iPhone taking selfies. If I could I'd show the the 1,000 selfies of my little sister all over my phone. 90% of the time I'm never on my phone it's so rare. But if my grandma sees me on my phone I get yelled at and either get a lecture on how I'm on it to much or get my phone taken away if she's feeling extra mean. My grandma and my sister claim I'm the mean one when my sister is a brat. When my grandma says no to a shirt at the store she mumbles mean things and complains and when she is alone with me she'd say things like

I hate living with my grandmother

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on Apr 23 2016 at 15:18
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Wow - You sure are focused on your sister and her behavior.

Is there any other relative you could live with?

I hate living with my grandmother

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SOULMATE (moderator)
on Apr 25 2016 at 13:17
Member since: 19 August 2014
She's leaving your sister to her own devices. YOU, however, she's putting through 'special training camp'. Ask yourself which sister strikes her (even completely under her own radar) as having the greater potential for being someone of note when she's older thus worth keeping 'straight' and taught self-discipline today. Granny doesn't even care enough about little sister's oral health, note. Not so yours, note-note-note.

Granny can probably see her past (wasted) self in you and wishes someone had made *her* pump her mental muscles more so that *she* could have gone on after leaving home to make the most of her truer potential.

If you don't care about someone, you don't bother critique-ing them and making them 'work out' harder and have to work really hard for whatever they want than anyone else you know, do you. Favours and special allowances you save for the more unfortunate one, the one that deserves compensating for her 'lack of'. Granny's just got an old-fashioned, seemingly perverse way of showing it and going about it, that's all.

I hate living with my grandmother

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on Apr 25 2016 at 13:39
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It may well be partially what SOULMATE said up above. However, right now you are feeling miserable. And down the road you may be grateful for how your grandmother raised you, but its the here and now you are interested in.

You are only 15 and you want to feel loved and appreciated. Is there any other family member you can talk to, and discuss how your're feeling? Aunts? Uncles, cousins? Your Grandmother may not realize that you're feeling so low about all of this. If there is no other family member you can turn to, how about a teacher? a mother of a close friend?

Have you tried talking to your Grandmother? calmly explaining that you do the things she asks i.e. brushing your teeth etc

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