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Spouses 6 hour calls

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Relationship advice Hello all, My wife has befriended a guy she has met in a depression therapy group.
It started about 6 months ago and begin with short texts occasionally and it has progressed over time to be 2-3 phone calls per day and average about 6 hours per day on the phone. She is open about it and I see no inappropriate actions or words to date but only concerned what else it can evolve into. She already tells him she loves him but in a friendship manner but I see trouble brewing and I have emphasized my concerns about it and she under no circumstances will change anything she is doing. She says I am trying to control her but I do not mind her friendship with another man but this seems to be escalating by leaps and bounds.
She has expressed to her sister if I say anything to the other guy to alter their relationship that she would kick me out of our 29 year marriage.
I do not know what to do.
Anyone, please advise.

Spouses 6 hour calls

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You may state that you can see no inappropiate words or actions but this whole situation is inappropiate. You need to realize that your 29 year old marriage needs daily input to prosper and survive and your wife is basically taking time from it to nurture a relationship, however platonic, with another guy.

If she thinks this is OK, then you need to take her threat seriously about ending your marriage, because her very actions are eroding the trust of it. Your instinct is talking to you when you feel trouble brewing and you need to act now and set some boundaries.

No, you aren't controlling her, rather, she is controlling you and is failing to keep your heart safe. Sit her down and discuss her actions with her and keep in mind, that depression, among other things, is a mind altering condition and is difficult to deal with for all invovled.

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