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What does this mean?

Default profile image I'm in a situation where I don't exactly know why this girl is acting in this strange way. I was hoping someone on here might be able to clear things up for me as to why this is happening. To start from the very beginning. I take a bus every morning to college where I met this girl. The very first time I saw her she sat next to me. I didn't really think much about it until I got a good look at her and realized that she was probably the prettiest girl on campus. I mustered up enough courage to ask her where she got the cool totoro key chain on her backpack. This started a small conversation until we got to school where we went our separate ways. She continued to sit next to me on the bus for a good 2 weeks, but I never talked to her again. But suddenly she stopped sitting next to me. I started to think to myself " Did I creep her out?" I was sure to not leave any signs or any gestures that would give me away. It got to the point where even if the bus was full and there was a seat next to me she would rather stand than sit next to me. This was really strange as it was clear that it wasn't random she was doing this for a reason. The end of the semester came and I wanted to know where my position was with this girl as my logic would tell me that a girl doesn't start randomly treating a guy this way unless 1)She Likes them or 2)She Hates them. Being too shy to talk to her like a normal person, I decided to write her a note with my number on it asking her if she wanted to go out for coffee sometime. The last week of the semester came and I had the note ready. When we got to school I tapped her shoulder and awkwardly gave her the note then quickly walked away. Honestly, it was really cringy. Probably the most awkward moment of my life but i still had a small hope that she might text me. But the weeks past and she never texted me. I had to assume the worst, she hated me. The next semester came and I decided to take an earlier bus to avoid any contact with her. It was working until I saw her on the bus one morning. It was one of those moments where suicide is the only thing on your mind. I just wanted to jump off the bus and get hit by 50 cars to escape the awkward tension on the bus. But after this encounter I started to see her more often on the bus, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to be exact. Again this seemed weird since she never texted me so that means she has no interest in me...right? This went on for a couple months until one day out of the blue she sat next to me and said, " Hey, sorry I never texted you... I had a lot of family issues and then I went on vacation so I never got around to it...sorry." Uh...what? Why is she telling me this now? I honestly didn't know what to say so I just chuckled nervously and said it was ok. She then began to ask me questions about my major and stuff you know starting conversation. This was on a Wednesday about 2 weeks ago. The following Friday I saw her on the bus again. She seemed so excited to see me. She quickly sat down next to me and started a conversation. We talked for the next 30 minutes until we reached school where i asked her, " So why did you wait so long to say something to me?" She said," Oh I was thinking the entire time." I laughed and asked if she still had my number to which she replied," Yea! I'll text you someday." "Someday" what's that supposed to me? I spent the entire weekend thinking about her and hoping Monday would come faster. When Monday came I tried to look my absolute best for her but when the bus pulled up to her stop she wasn't there. Of course I was kinda bummed about this but maybe she was feeling sick or something. I saw her on Wednesday where she asked me if i had a lot of time off between classes. She suggested that we meet in the library sometime during our dead time. I agreed and that was that. Friday came and of course she wasn't on the bus again. I was kinda sad again as i only see her on the bus through out the entire day since our schedules are not exactly in sync. I went to the library and slept where I was awakened by someone. I woke up and saw her face smiling at me. She then said " Hey I made something for you." She then pulled a little box with spring rolls. She placed them on the desk in front of me and then said she had to leave for a class. Wow... she actually made food for me. I started to get that really nice warm feeling that you get inside of you when you realize someone is thinking about you. I went out that weekend to get her a gift as me cooking is just a hazard for everyone. I ended up getting her a studio ghibli key chain set as I know she's a big fan of the Studio Ghibli films. Monday came and i had the gift ready but she wasn't on the bus. She's never on the bus Tuesdays so didn't see her yesterday. Then today came. She is ALWAYS on the bus on Wednesday. But she wasn't on the bus again... WHY????? Why is it that as soon as she starts talking to me she decides to stop getting on the bus. I still haven't received a text from her. It almost seems like she is trying to avoid contact with me. I told her the time that I'm in the library waiting for a class. Like i literally have a 3hr gap in between classes where i just sit in the library and do homework. She has never visited me like she said she would. I don't understand. All my friends say I should forget about her that she's playing me, but i mean why would she? She seems like a super shy girl not a player type. She cooked for me like if she was just playing me why would she go out of her way and actually make me something. I'm so confused as to why she is acting the way she is. If you actually read through my entire post, thanks. Any comments and advice is greatly appreciated. (:

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