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I'm moving schools and I'm terrified

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So, I need some advice. I'm starting at a new school. I'm really worried. I moved schools because I was having friendship issues, and I was just so terribly miserable going to school each day as I had no friends and was constantly rejected. I'm a likeable, outgoing and funny person, but I just mixed in with the wrong crowd and did some things I regret. I did counselling for 10 weeks and nothing has improved. I'm having to start half-way through the year at a new school. I have two choices of schools. One school I know a few people that go there and they are quite nice to me, but the school doesnt do too well in academics. My second option for a school is a really, really nice one, but I dont really know anyone there at all. I've heard some people are very snobby there though. I want to go to the second school, rather than the first one as it has better results. I'm just scared because I dont know anyone and im scared to get rejected and end up with no friends again. Can someone help?

I'm moving schools and I'm terrified

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Hey, I all honesty I am not going to lie and say that I have experienced this problem as you have. However, I experienced it to an extent. When I moved into Highschool about 4 years ago I had similar concerns due to the fact that people I knew made up a small percentage of the year group I would be in, so it was a stressful time for me.

As you stated in your question you are "likeable" "Outgoing" and "Funny" which to me sounds like perfect friend material. You stated that you wanted to go to the second school because of its academics, which is a good choice. You also said that "some people are snobby" which is generally true in most schools, however, you dont have to befriend those people, just be yourself and attend the school that you can see yourself beeing successful in, you will naturally gain friends along the way. In general, students often enjoy talking to new students as it's a new face who has had different experiences. Be yourself, enjoy yourself and you will be successful in life. Good luck and I hope this helped!

I'm moving schools and I'm terrified

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I agree with Mercy... Choosing the school based on its academic reputation is a lot more important.
I say this as a 30 year old - I regularly wish I could go back to certain times in my life and start again.
There is so, so, so much you can learn, that will open up and allow you to live a life much better than what you're experiencing now.

I know it can be really difficult, and there'll be times when it might seem really, really terrible, but the world is a pretty big place, and school doesn't last forever, and those people who reject you or don't become friends with you aren't going to be around forever either (and I can't begin to tell you just how many people that were really cool and popular are now either in prison; or had 3 kids by the time they were 20; or are essentially doing nothing with their lives, etc etc...)

If it were me I'd go for the better school.
Yes; you'll be nervous and worried, and there probably will be a lot of snobs, but you'll meet snobs everywhere throughout your life, and nerves are a perfectly natural response to a changing circumstance or environment.
Much more likely, that if you stay true to yourself you'll develop in ways that these other guys could only dream of, and the people who will end up becoming your real friends will admire and be drawn to this.

Instead, try and see this as a new chance to eradicate or learn from the problems you had before, and a head-start gaining life experience dealing with problems and difficulties that we all have to deal with at some point.

I hope this helps Sasha, but you have to promise that when you're an uber successful 30 year old you come back and give similar advice to someone in the same situation and prove me right! :)

You'll be ok.

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