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Will it ever happen?

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Relationship advice I am concerned that my relationship I seek with the woman I'm in love with will never take place.

Last April, when I told her I loved her, she was really attentive to me, but she also told me she was in a long-term, long distance relationship with another man who visits our town about once a month. But we still kissed a lot. In May, after her other man came, I think she cooled off some, or maybe it was me.

I kept pursuing her and this past fall our relationship began to heat up.
Then, in early December, I suffered a severe panic attack. She could see that I was suffering from anxiety, so three days after the panic attack, when we were returning from a road trip, she wondered if we should step back. I said no, but the next day I asked if we could step back for a while (I was suffering from irrational, obsessive thought produced by the panic attack). My version of stepping back was just stopping the physical touching, but not the emotional part. Months later, when I said I wanted to step forward, she said her thought of stepping back was more than just stopping the physical stuff.

At one point she said stepping forward would be my choice, but when I did, she said she needed to work on the fact that we stepped back. At one point she thought we had stepped back too long, but other times she doesn't bring that up.

She says we will step forward soon, that it's inevitable, but at other times I don't know. She says she has to work on the fact that we stepped back.

At times I believe we will step forward again, and at other times, like now, I lose all hope.

I also worry that sometimes when I text her, she sometimes doesn't answers.

Other factors I should mention is that she can no longer stand the other man, that she is used to being alone because she's been divorced for 15 years, and we work in the same place of business.

She says she feels comfortable with me, but I wonder if that is code for just being friends. She has also said that it's not me, it's her, that she has to work on the wall she put up when we stepped back.

Will it ever happen?

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You might not want to see what I'm going to tell your sir, But someone has to. It sounds like the women is confused about everything sir. She has her heart in the past relationship but can't move on I don't think. Try harder to shower that, you can lover her more than she can ever imagine! Everyone women wants to be loved and appreciated. I'm not saying you don't. As a man you look into your heart of hearts, do you really wants this for yourself. Being patient is a virtue my friend. So I hope this helps you in any!
Love God and put him first
Everything will come after

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