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Does he care anymore?

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I've got an issue, my relationship with my husband has been really strained. It all started when we were dating and I suspected that he might be cheating. I confronted him about it and he claimed that it was nothing and I was making a big deal out of nothing, his response felt so cold to me that I decided to withdraw and act distant with the hope that he would leave me. We had a newborn then and he stuck around through the whole time I was cold and distant to him. He kept being friends with the lady that I had suspected him of cheating on me with and it just made things worse. After about a year, I decided to forgive him and we moved to a new city.
In turn, I hadn't realised that he had become so cold and distant himself. I understood this as a reaction to what I had done to him earlier and I kept trying to be nice with the hope that he would forgive me too. 6 years later and he's still cold and distant and he has never forgiven me for that year. I don't know what to do. I'm trying to be nice but the cold is just killing me. I wish I had never started it in the first place. What do I do?

Does he care anymore?

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In my point of view, your husband seems caught up in the past. The pain is still getting to him to this day. He is being cold and distant because you accused of cheating. No man is perfect my lady, talk to him more and try to get into that cold heart of is. Talk to God about this, so he can lead you into the right path

Put God first
Everything will come after
Peace, love, happiness

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