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Is he a cheating arse wipe?

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Relationship advice Sooo I decided to look through my partners phone, I never do this just felt like he was hiding something, I have been with him nearly 4 years, we are engaged,our own home and have a 2 year old.

So I found a few messages from other women on his phone one was a 51 year old woman, he is 24. He told her he was engaged and she said so was she, they started sending dirty pictures to each other and saying sorry things, I was angry by now felt like punching him in face.

I started reading another message from another woman, this one made me cry I felt physically sick, the more I read the worse I got,me and him had a break of 3 days about 19 months ago, at this point he started messaging her so 19 months ago go they have known each other, she new all about me and our son, he's told me nothing about her, she asked questions about me even looked me up on fb a few times, he seemed to not be too bothered but she was messaging him with sexual messages and dirty pictures, now she's had a baby on the past 2 weeks and messaged him almost straight away to tell him she had him.

I have no idea what to do :( how do I confront him? Do I confront this woman I think is a dirty home wrecker? What am I supposed to say? I love him with my whole heart but I don't want to go threw this:(

Is he a cheating arse wipe?

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. . "but I don't want to go threw this [Crying]"

But guess what - you ARE going through this!! It's right there - in your face.

So you looked at his phone because you "suspected" something. (That says something about your relationship.)

And your fears came true: he's a cheater. He has given himself permission to cyber-cheat.

Do you think he is actually seeing these women or just getting his jollies over the phone?

Dry your tears. Get up some courage and say to him - "Hey, what's with these messages on your phone? What's going on? This is completely unacceptable."

If he says something about you looking at this phone, you can say that you suspected him - and you were right.

You don't say what you want, just that you "love" him. That's not going to be enough with a guy who is doing what you describe.

It's a bad combination when a woman has low self esteem and is dealing with a man who is so bold in his bad behavior. You must get up the courage to insist on being treated with more respect.

Another option is to pack his bags and kick his butt out of the house.

(Don't confront this woman. she's probably just one is several he is stringing along)

Is he a cheating arse wipe?

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(Schmokinnnnn-Hot Susie!... I have absolutely utterly (for once) nothing to add.) (More like her, please, Bartender!)

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